Altosid XR-G

Altosid XR-G

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Product Overview

Altosid XR-G is an extended mosquito control that is formulated to keep larvae from developing into adult mosquitoes - including mosquitoes that may transmit West Nile Virus. This insect growth regulator infects the larvae and allows them to grow up to the adult stage (pupal stage) and then they will die. This outstanding mosquito control releases effective and efficient levels of Altosid Insect Growth Regulator for up to 3 weeks in standing water from the time it is applied. The small size of the granules allows more to be dispersed over the target areas. Granules can also be applied before flooding in areas where flooding is common. One application can prevent adult mosquito emergence from many floodings. Put an end to costly, time consuming and effort wasting in reapplying and use Altosid XR-G.


Features and Specs

Active Ingredient S-Methoprene 1.5%
Target pests Mosquito types including Aedes, Anopheles, and Psorophora spp., Culex, Culiseta, Coquillettidia, and Mansonia spp.
NOTE: Will Not Work for Adult Mosquitoes
For use in Non-Crop Areas: Snow Pools, Marshes (Cattail, Red Cedar, White Maple Marshes) and others
Crop Areas: Irrigated Croplands, Pastures, Rice Fields (Domestic & Wild) and others
* See label for complete list
Application 5 to 20 lbs per acre
* See label for complete application instructions
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on label
Formulation Professional Product
Shipping Weight 41.00 lbs
Manufacturer Zoecon (Mfg. Number: 373330)
EPA Registration 2724-451



Apply Altosid XR-G at any stage of larval mosquito development. The granules may be applied prior to flooding in areas with constant or intermittent flood. One application of the product in such areas can prevent adult mosquito emergence from several subsequent floodings for up to 21 days after application.


Non-Crop Areas: Snow pools, salt and tidal marshes, freshwater swamps and marshes (cattail, red cedar, white maple marshes), woodland pools and meadows, dredging spoil sites, drainage areas, ditches, wastewater treatment facilities, livestock runoff lagoons, retention ponds, harvested timber stacks, swales, storm water drainage areas, sewers, catch basins, tree holes, animal watering troughs, water-holding receptacles (e.g., tires, urns, flower pots, cans, and other containers), and other natural and manmade water-holding depressions.

Crop Areas: Irrigated croplands, pastures, rangeland, vineyards, rice fields (domestic and wild), date palm, citrus, fruit, nut orchards, berry fields and bogs.

There are no reviews for this product yet. Be the first.

Questions & Answers

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What is the difference between XR-G and Altosid Pro-G?

Besides one label stating a slightly different number of days between applications, what is the real difference in formulation or behavior? Zoecon has not been helpful, nor has another distributer...


Altosid XR-G is a 21 day pellet sold in bulk and Altosid Pro G is a 30 day pellet and is only sold in a smaller container.

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