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Aqua-Kontrol Concentrate gallon
This product is no longer available. Please consider Vector - Flex 20:20 or CSI 30-30 Mosquito, Fly & Gnat Control as replacement products.
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Aqua-Kontrol Concentrate

Same active ingredient as name brand permethrin concentrate Aqua Reslin.

MasterLine Aqua-Kontrol Concentrate for Mosquitoes, Flies, and Gnats is a water dilutable, 20% permethrin / 20% PBO adulticide that can be applied over specific crops including alfalfa and range grasses. It also is approved for treatment of corrals, feed lots, swine lots, poultry range and zoos. This broad spectrum insecticide does not have an EPA water set back requirement and can be used neat (undiluted) or diluted, applied ultra low volume (ULV) by air or ground. It can also be applied as a mist barrier. It requires no special mixing equipment.

NOTE: This product cannot be mixed with oil. Use only clean water. Contains no aromatic or aliphatic petroleum distillates. Wear long sleeved shirt and long pants, socks and shoes. AQUA-KONTROL CONCENTRATE stays fully in suspension and will not settle or separate under normal storage conditions. If, however, there are signs of separation, shake or agitate thoroughly to make a uniform mixture.

AQUA-KONTROL CONCENTRATE is designed to be either diluted with water, or used undiluted, and applied as a ULV or Barrier spray. Do not apply this product with thermal fogging equipment. Do not exceed the maximum recommended # a.i. per acres.

AQUA-KONTROL CONCENTRATE may be used to control adult mosquitoes, flies and gnats in mosquito control programs including, but not limited to, residential, industrial, municipalities, parks, campsites, woodlands, athletic fields, golf courses, gardens, playground, recreational areas, waste areas and other places where mosquitoes occur. For best results, treat when insects are most active and conditions are conductive to keeping the fog close to the ground. Both ground and aerial applications should be made when meteorological conditions are conducive to keeping the spray cloud close to the ground, such as when an air temperature inversion is present. Applications during the cool hours of early morning or evening are preferable. Air temperatures should be greater than 50° F when conducting all types of applications. Application in calm air conditions is to be avoided. Apply only when ground wind speed is greater than 1 mph. Do not apply when wind speed exceeds 10 mph. Applications cannot exceed the recommended rates. Do not re-treat a site more than once in 12 hours. Do not apply more than 0.18 lbs. of permethrin per acre per year to any site. More frequent treatments may be made to prevent or control a threat to public and/or animal health determined by a state, tribal or local health or vector control agency on the basis of documented evidence of disease causing agents in vector mosquitoes or the occurrence of mosquito-borne disease in animal or human populations, or if specifically approved by the state or tribe during a natural disaster recovery effort.

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06/12/2013 Tim from Stanchfield Mn

QHow long does a treatment last with Aqua-Kontrol concentrate?

ATreatment generally lasts no longer than 24 hours.

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01/06/2013 Jack from Little Torch Key Florida

QIs Aqua-Kontrol the same as Aqua-Reslin made by Bayer?

ANo, Aqua Reslin has added active ingredients that the Aqua Kontrol does not contain. We had trouble finding the Aqua Reslin product label for a more specific comparison.

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