Bird Barrier Gray Bird-Shock Flex-Track 50 ft. (bs-fg50)


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Bird Barrier Gray Bird-Shock Flex-Track 50 ft. (bs-fg50) shock track (50 ft gray)

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Bird Barrier Gray Bird-Shock Flex-Track 50 ft. (bs-fg50)

The Bird Barrier Gray Bird-Shock Flex-Track 50 ft. (bs-fg50) is a revolutionary way of keeping birds away from your house, buildings, etc. It's a low profile and has a wide variety of colors. It comes in brick red, black, beige and grey. It's a great protection from all bird species and all pressure levels. This product is ideal for long ledges, spanish tiles, roof peaks, perapet caps and electric sign letters. The Flex-Track gives an electric pulse every 3 seconds and protects one ledge in one row, saving you money for material and shipping costs.

This Bird-Shock Flex Track in grey can be installed easily using the bird barrier bond. It can be installed on a one sided ledge or open ledge. When installing on a one sided ledge, the flex-track can be put on one row on the outer edge of the ledge. Once the birds comes in contact and lands on the edge of the ledge, they will receive the shock and will just leave the area. You can also use this on smaller birds and heavier pressure. You may require more rows for this kind of application. On a two sided ledge or open ledge, it's advisable to protect both sides. You can also put this inside of letters from signs. It's advisable to install 3 or more rows to perfectly chase away aggressive nesting birds. Quick connectors can be used for this type of application.

This product can be used with the Flex Track Lead Out Wire.

Flexible and Adaptable

Flex-Track is a low-profile electrified track that conforms to any architectural configuration. Flex-Track curves up and down, and side to side; and the stainless steel strapping gladly follows the PVC base without wrinkling.

Virtually Invisible

Flex-Track is only 1/4-inch high. It's available in a wide variety of colors to match the structure, Bird-Shock Flex-Track is hard to notice close-up, and virtually invisible from the distance. It cannot be seen looking up from below.


Made from UV stabilized PVC and Stainless Steel, this product will be in service far longer than its five-year warranty.


The intermittent shock is painful, but does not hurt the birds; it simply teaches them to stay away, long-term.


Do not install in areas easily accessible to pedestrians.

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