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Keep your bird feeders stocked with food that attracts wild birds and is safe and healthy for the birds to eat. Our selection of bird food is perfect for bird feeders throughout your yard. Shop now to receive free shipping on your entire order.

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A high-quality food blend designed to provide finches nutrients for better bird health.
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A premiumf ood mix that gives songbirds enriched vitamins and minerals for better bird health.
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A high-quality food blend for backyard critters that helps them stay away from bird feeders.
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A high-quality bird food that attracts songbirds and provides them with adequate nutrition.
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A premium quality bird food that attracts Red Birds and other colorful songbirds and provide them with needed nutrition.
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A specially formulated bird food that offers a balanced diet and better bird health to various songbirds.
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An all natural nectar that is enriched with essential vitamins and minerals to make Hummingbirds stay healthy.
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Birds love Pennington Wild Bird Feed!

When choosing to feed the wild birds in your area, the choice of what kind of bird food is very important, since all bird foods are not equal. Different species of birds prefer different food sources. Birdseed mixes often offer a variety of seeds that many birds like, including black oil sunflower seeds, millet, cracked corn, etc. Suet, which is raw beef or mutton fat, is rich in protein and fat and many birds love to eat this food source, which can be mixed with seeds or peanut butter and formed into cakes. Mealworms are becoming very popular for wild bird feed, and they’re a great choice. Raw corn and peanut butter is also good for birds, but squirrels love these food sources too. Some bird foods are species-specific, like thistle for finch birds, or food for orioles and special hummingbird food. Before purchasing any bird food, do a little research to make sure the birds you are trying to attract will eat your food.

With all these choices, we make it easy for you to shop for a variety of bird feed and bird food accessories in one convenient place. We carry all types of wild bird food to suit many Birding needs, as well as bird seed containers and filling tools to make refilling and storing a breeze, with free shipping.

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