Certified Grass Seed

Now is the time to pre-order your Pennington Signature Series Gold Tag sod-quality grass seed. The highest quality seed available, this seed is free of weed seed and other contaminents, giving you the best lawn on the block!

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A special lower growing, dark green tall fescue blend that forms a dense turf for sod production.
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A professional bluegrass blend that withstands drought and heat.
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A Kentucky bluegrass blend that features a low irrigation requirement.
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A professional grass seed that produces a dark green turfgrass with fine texture.
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A unique cultivar that mixes or blends with other grasses to improve the overall stand of turfgrass.
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A superior grass seed that features great winter color and spring density.

Pennington sod-quality grass seed is notorious within the lawn care industry as premium seed for beautiful lawns. Signature Series Gold Tag Fescue, Wild Horse Kentucky Bluegrass, and Certified Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass are grown in the United States, giving you fresh seed that hasn’t been stored on a shelf for years. These cool season turfs are popular throughout the northeast United States but can be found as far south as Georgia. Gold tag seed can be grown in early fall to fill-in patches within your turf or grown a new lawn entirely.

Gold Tag Certified Seed is the highest standard for seed purity in the industry. It is assured to be free of crop and weed seed and is scrutinized by Pennington to ensure it is the best sod available, free of many other contaminants.

How to Care for Grass Seed FAQ

When should I plant my cool season grass seed?

Cool season grass seeds like fescue and Kentucky blue grass (KBG) should be planted in the early fall when temperatures are between 60 and 80 degrees.

How often should I water my new grass seed?

Water  frequently the first 2-3 weeks after planting your grass seed, making sure the top 1 inch of soil is moist but not soggy. You can mist the seeds daily or as needed.

When is it too late to plant grass seed?

Do not plant grass seed after the first frost of the fall or the seed may not grow.

How long does it take for grass seed to sprout?

The time it takes for grass seed to grow depends on the grass type. Timing ranges from 7-14 days for cool season turf.

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