Dura - Spike Narrow Bird Spikes Kit with Bond

Dura - Spike Narrow Bird Spikes Kit With Bond - 12 Feet

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Product Overview

The Dura - Spike Narrow Bird Spikes Kit with Bond is a strong, all stainless steel bird control spike. This can used on chimneys, ledges, parapets or rook peaks. The spike prevents pigeons or larger birds to gain a ledge on the secured surface. The narrow spike measures 2.5 inches. The base can be easily cut using shears or snips. It is arched lightly or takes strong bends to adapt the building's detail. The around corners are perfect for hard to cover areas like drainage pipes, lights, security cameras and others. You do not need to worry about the blunt tips of each spike because it cannot hurt birds or humans. To install, the base of the spike features pre-drilled holes to screw or nail it to any surface. If screwing, we suggest 5 to 7 screws for every 3-foot section. For small self-tapping screws, we recommend 9 screws for every 3-foot piece. Bird Barrier Bond in included for faster and more secured fastening of the entire strip.

This narrow version is 2.5 inches wide and comes in 4 different kit options:

  • 6 Feet Kit with Bond Glue (6 x 1 foot length with 1 oz of bond glue)
  • 12 Feet Kit with Bond Glue (12 x 1 foot length with 3 oz of bond glue)
  • 24 Feet Kit with Bond Glue (8 x 3 foot length with 10.2 oz of bond glue)
  • 100 Feet Kit with Bond Glue (34 x 3 foot length with three (3) 10.2 oz of bond glue)

Dura - Spike also comes in Wide and Extra - Wide options.

Features and Specs

Target pests Pigeon and larger
For use in Ledges, parapets, signs, beams, pipes, chimneys, cutouts, security cameras, lights, etc.
Dura-Spike Narrow is 2.5" Wide. It is made for ledges 2.5" to 4" wide.
Application Base is glued or screwed to any surface
Material / Construction Stainless steel
Special Features Bird Pressure: Medium
Warranty Bird Barrier's Dura-Spike Bird Spikes are warranted for ten years and should perform for many more years.
Shipping Weight 0.75 lbs
Manufacturer Bird Barrier (Mfg. Number: bp-s205)


Bird Barrier's Dura-Spike Bird Spikes are warranted for ten years and should perform for many more years.

Dura-Spike Bird Spikes are Totally Humane
The blunt tips on the ends of each spike can not hurt birds or humans. 

How Dura-Spike Bird Spikes Work
Pigeons and larger birds are not able to gain a foothold on the protected surface and are forced to take their mess elsewhere.

How to Install Dura-Spike Bird Spikes
Use the spacing guides to determine the best model for the application. Clean the surface thoroughly. Secure using Bird Barrier Bond or screw it down.

Installation Instructions

Dura-Spike is one of the easiest bird control products to install, and by far the least expensive stainless steel spike product available in the U.S.

Dura-Spike's thin wires are strong enough to repel the most aggressive pigeons and gulls, yet thin enough to virtually disappear on most ledges. It is available in three spike widths: Dura-Spike Narrow (2-1/2"), Wide (5") and Xtra-Wide (8") all made entirely of 304 marine-grade stainless steel.

When installing Dura-Spike to a ledge, beam or pipe, keep two things in mind for a successful application:

  • Proper placement of the product on the ledge
  • Securely fastening the product to the ledge

Product Placement

One of the great benefits of Dura-Spike is that you can leave unprotected space between rows of the product, and between the back row and wall. As you can see from the diagrams attached, tips can be placed up to 2" apart, and the tips of the rods can be up to 2" from the back wall - that's free coverage! The rods must overhang the outer edge by at least 1/2".

Examples: Dura-Spike Wide can be used to protect a one-sided ledge up to seven inches wide.

A 12-inch ledge (one-sided) can be protected with two rows of Dura-Spike Wide.


Dura-Spike can be glued or screwed to the ledge. If screwing, we recommend 5 - 7 screws per three-foot section. But using Bird Barrier Bond is by far the preferable technique; it is far faster, and actually more secure, as the entire strip is fastened securely to the ledge.

Using Bird Barrier Bond

The three-foot section of Dura-Spike should receive twelve to fifteen equally-spaced marble-sized dabs. You do not want to run a continuous bead as you will create a water barrier. Apply the four to five dabs per foot. Then simply place the strip in the correct position and press firmly to the ledge. You want the Bond to come out the sides and squirt up through the screw holes.  

Bond Coverage using Bird Barrier Bond

10.2 oz cartridge = 30-35 feet. 3.75 oz tube = 12 feet.

Using Self - Tapping Screws

Dura-Spike can be installed using small self-tapping screws. We recommend nine screws per 3-foot piece, not one screw per hole. If you are using a drill motor, you should obtain a long 1/4" magnetic nut driver (at least 5" long).

Installation Time Estimate

Three to six feet per minute.

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