Dyna-Fog Model 1200

Dyna-Fog Model 1200

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Product Overview

Dyna-Fog Model 1200 is the ultimate fog applicator for large areas that allows user to maximize every application. It has a huge 120-gallon capacity which delivers 454 liters per hour and enable you to fog three times quicker than regular vehicle-mounted fogger. It is capable of covering big areas with dense heavy fog to help eliminate insect pests in a certain period of time, depending on the equipment's requirement. Faster coverage helps increase efficiency while saving time and labor. It features a removable remote control box that lets user operate from the cab of the vehicle so you can start, regulate and turn off machine from there. It also features an instant display time, temperature meter gauge, plus two 120V AC receptacles, and heavy-duty 12-volt DC battery. It also boasts of extremely low-noise level with less than 70 decibels and runs quieter compared to other thermal or cold fogger. The model 1200 can cover up to 12 acres in one minute or 49000 square meters per minute. It measures 79 in. x 35 in. x 32 in. with nozzle and weighs 467 lbs while empty, and 620 lbs when full.

This product may take up to 2 weeks to ship. 

Features and Specs

Dimensions 79 in. x 35 in. x 32 in. (L with nozzle x W x H)
55 in. x 35 in. x 32 in. (L without nozzle x W x H)
Coverage Area 12 acres in one minute (49000 square meters per minute)
Voltage 120v AC receptacles
Tank Size (gal.) 120 Gallon
Special Features Extremely low noise level (less than 70 decibels)
Shipping Weight 615.00 lbs
Manufacturer Curtis Dyna-Fog (Mfg. Number: 49000)



  • Formulation Output: 15-120 gallons/hr; 57- 454 liters/hr; covers 12 acres; 5 hectares/min
  • Droplet Size: 10 - 100 microns VMD
  • Nozzles: Adjustable high-volume output single nozzle. Two 45 degree directional elbows with stainless steel clamps. Optional Cold Fog Kit comes with rotary nozzle
  • Engine: Kohler 9.5 Hp (277 cc), 4-cycle, OHV, electric start. Optional Honda 10.5 Hp (344 cc), 4-cycle, OHV, or Yanmar diesel
  • Pump: Positive displacement gear pump
  • Fuel Tank: 5 quarts; 4.7 liters
  • Formulation / Heater Tank: 15 gallons; 56.8 liters
  • Gauges and Meters: Digital tachometer/Hourmeter for engine. Pump control pressure gauge, 115V AC meter for generator. Remote control Hourmeter/Temperature gauge

There are no reviews for this product yet. Be the first.

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