Earthway Prizelawn Commercial Spreader - 70 lb

Earthway Prizelawn Commercial Spreader - 70 lb
Earthway Prizelawn Commercial Spreader - 70 lb

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Product Overview

Earthway Prizelawn Commercial Spreader is an easy-to-use and highly accurate broadcast spreader. Features an epoxy powder coat frame, giving it ultimate rust protection. It offers convenience with its calcium filled polypropylene hopper that has a large capacity of 70 lbs of fertilizer and is proven to be factory calibrated. This hassle-free commercial spreader provides lesser assembly time, a positive on and off system, and 13-inch pneumatic wheels that are ideal to use on any terrain, specifically on bumpy and rough surfaces. It cushions load from the impact plus, it has rustproof rims that are sturdy and long-lasting. Includes stainless steel axle and fasteners and self-lubricating Nylatron GS gears. For more comfortable and smooth use, it has a handle grab bar and axle bearings with grease fittings. Offers lifetime warranty gears.

Features and Specs

For use in Turfs and lawns.
Application Apply header strips around the area to be treated. Space trips across the area as shown. Keep material off flower beds, sidewalks, etc.
Coverage Area Spread width up to 8 ft.
Material / Construction Calcium filled polypropylene and Stainless Steel.
Special Features Epoxy Powder Coat frame, 13-inch sawtooth tread pneumatic tires, and reduced assembly time.
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty.
Shipping Weight 36.00 lbs
Manufacturer Earthway
UPC 0572732162358



  1.  Remove the spreader and components from the carton and place hopper up-side-down on a padded surface as shown. Slide drive and free wheel onto axle as shown with the longer portion of wheel hub facing the frame. Secure free wheel with (1) 1/8 dia. x 1 1/4” cotter pin. Attach drive wheel to the axle with (1) 3/16 dia. x 2” cotter pin.
  2.  Attach leg/brace to frame as shown using (4) 1/4-20 x 2 1/4” carriage bolts and locknuts.
  3. Turn spreader upright on wheels. Insert screen into hopper sliding it under the screen clips. Attach the upper handle assembly to handle brace with the handle lever facing as shown. Secure with (2) 1/4-20 x 1 1/2” carriage bolts, and locknuts. 
  4. Install control tube to handle lever with (1) 1/4 dia. clevis pin and a 3/32” diameter cotter pin. Slip the opposite end of control tube over lower control rod making sure shutoff plate is between the lower rod and the control tube. Secure with a 3/32” diameter hitch pin cotter.


  1. Check the product package for the rate setting, and recommended swath width. Loosen rate control knob and slide rate plate to the proper setting. The pattern is controlled by loosening the two knobs on the discharge chute and moving the chute closer or farther away from the impeller (setting A, B, or C). 
  2. Always fill the spreader on the driveway or sidewalk-not on the lawn. Make sure screen is in hopper and spreader is in the “OFF” position. 
  3. Start spreader moving before opening port. Close before stopping. Always push spreader, never pull. 
  4. Hold handle so the top of the spreader is level. Tipping the spreader too far can cause uneven spreading.
  5. The settings and swath widths on the product label are recommended starting points. Always check the delivery rate and pattern on a small area before treating a large area. Actual delivery rate can vary due to weather conditions, operating variables, and condition of the product being applied. 
  6. Push spreader at a normal walking speed - 2 1/2 m.p.h. (18 feet in 5 seconds). Apply header strips around the area to be treated. Space trips across the area as shown. Keep material off flower beds, sidewalks, etc.
  7. . When transporting spreader, make sure that it is in the “OFF” position. 
  8. Empty spreader after each use. Return leftover material to its original container. 


Two major factors should be considered when determining correct spreader settings of any product:

  1. The product application rate, or the amount of material applied per 1,000 square feet.
  2. The effective pattern width, or the actual width in which material is applied. Label settings are a guide and can be affected by numerous factors.


Knowing the effective pattern width (for example, 10 feet), measure a distance equal to 100 square feet (10’ x 10’ swath width). Determine the product coverage in pounds / 100 sq. ft. by taking the weight of the product and dividing it by the recommended square foot coverage (add two zeroes to the weight of the bag).


The Prizelawn CBR IV/CBR IVSS was factory calibrated, however, calibration should be checked occasionally to assure optimum performance. 

  1. Pull the on/off lever to the “OFF” position. Set the rate control plate to setting “B”.
  2. Flip on/off control lever to the “ON” position. Check the port opening. It should be just open. If adjustment is necessary, continue to step #3. 
  3.  Loosen the rate control knob and slide the rating plate until the port is just opening. Loosen pointer screw and move pointer until it aligns with “B” on the rate plate. Retighten pointer screw.

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