Indoor & Outdoor Fly Spray Products

Fly sprays can help you control flies in and around your home by offering both quick knockdown and long-lasting control. There are different types and formulas that will suit your situation, and we can help you find the best product for your fly infestation.

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A professional insecticide that controls many insects indoors and outdoors in commercial and residential areas.

About Fly Sprays

Fly sprays can be very effective tools for fly control, especially when they are used in conjunction with exclusion methods, like sealing off any openings, cracks and crevices around doors, and windows, etc, to block flies form getting inside, and sanitation methods, like cleaning up all food and drink spills, cleaning out garbage cans and making sure garbage cans are tightly closed, etc. 

Fly sprays are a good option to use for fly control because they can be applied almost anywhere, which means virtually any fly-infested area can be treated properly with the right fly spray. Fly spray products work differently and certain types may be better than others in your situation, so make sure to do your research before choosing the right fly product.

Types Of Fly Sprays

There are two main types of fly sprays that you can choose from: contact kill ready to use aerosol sprays or liquid concentrate insecticides. Many times, the active ingredients of fly sprays or insecticides that control flies contain synthetic pyrethrins, including deltamethrin, bifenthrin, permethrin, and more. Synthetic pryethrins can knock down and kill insects quickly, and in some formulas will remain effective for a longer period of time. 

Aerosol or Ready To Use Fly Sprays:

These products come in convenient sizes and are generally meant for indoor use only, with some limited outdoor use. They have specific features that make them suited for indoor fly control:

  • Usually, this type of fly spray is a contact kill insecticide, meaning it instantly kills any insects the spray contacts, but will only work if the spray directly contacts the target pest.
  • These products are perfect for crack and crevice treatments, because they can be easily applied into small spaces.
  • Some products may have two modes of action: killing on contact and residual protection, so it will get rid of any flies present as well as continuing to control flies that come to the treated area.
  • You can also use this type of fly spray as a space spray, which means you will fill a small, closed off room with the product and letting the product work in the room for a period of time.
  • While these products are most often recommended for indoor use, they can be useful outdoors for cracks and crevices.

How to Do a Fly Space Spray Treatment Application:

Insecticide Concentrate Fly Sprays:

These products are formulated to control a wide variety of insects, including flies, and will generally have a residual affect so the product remains effective for a longer period of time, giving you a longer period of control.

  • These products must be diluted and applied with a sprayer. They are perfect for outdoor applications because they can cover large areas quickly.
  • Outdoors, you want to treat all areas flies congregate and rest on, including window frames, door frames, porches, exterior lights, overhangs, eaves, garbage cans, etc.

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