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FoxFarm Big Bloom Liquid Plant Food 0-0.5-0.7
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Multiple sizes available
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An all-natural and Organic liquid fertilizer blossom builder for all flowering and fruiting plants.

FoxFarm Tiger Bloom Liquid Plant Food 2-8-4
Multiple sizes available
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A liquid fertilizer with micro-nutrients to keep plants healthy and robust for the biggest blooms.

FoxFarm Dirty Dozen Starter Kit
Free Shipping!
A starter pack that contains nine pint liquids and three 6 oz. soluble plant food fertilizers. A great way to get started with FoxFarm organic and natural products.

FoxFarm Bush Doctor Sledge Hammer Root Drench
Free Shipping!
A nutrient rinse formula designed to remove excess fertilizer build up.

Bush Doctor Bembe 0-1-3
Free Shipping!
A concentrated liquid fertilizer formulated to quickly enhance flavors and sweetness of plants.

Bush Doctor Flowers Kiss 1.0-0.30-0.05
Multiple sizes available
Free Shipping!
A natural spray-on fertilizer that is easily absorbed by the plant for sustained plant growth.

FoxFarm Bush Doctor Force of Nature Insect Repellent
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A liquid insect repellent that repels soft-bodied flying insects, aphids, leaf hoppers, white flies and thrips.

FoxFarm Bush Doctor Force of Nature Insecticide RTU
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A ready-to-use insecticide that kills crawling and flying insects on indoor and outdoor plants.

FoxFarm Bush Doctor Force of Nature Miticide
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An all-natural miticide that controls various types of mites, thrips and other insects on fruits & vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants.

FoxFarm Bush Doctor Wholly Mackerel Fish Fertilizer 3-1-0
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A organic liquid fish fertilizer that is a effective plant food that is safe for young seedlings and transplants and all organic gardening.