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Introducing the DoMyOwn Lawn Subscription Program

By DoMyOwn staff

Take the guesswork out of getting a beautiful lawn with our Lawn Care Subscription Program. When you sign up, you will receive 20% off your subscription shipments and 10% off select lawn care products.


Video Transcript

Hey everyone, this is Heath from DoMyOwn.

If you’re like me, you’re thinking about your lawn care for next year. How do I get a weed and disease free lawn? What products do I need? When should I apply them? How do I apply them? 

If you’re just getting started in taking care of your own lawn or have been doing it for years, but are looking for better results, you can take the guesswork out of getting a beautiful lawn.

With the DoMyOwn Lawn Care Subscription Program, you tell us your location, your grass type, and your lawn size, and we customize a variety of weed and lawn disease prevention programs for you to choose from.

Then, we handle it from there. We’ll select the premium products your lawn needs, make sure they are right-sized for your lawn, and send them directly to your home as your lawn needs them.  We’ll even provide step-by-step instructions for how to use each product to help keep your lawn free of weeds or diseases.

Plus, when you join our Subscription Program, you’ll save 20% on each Subscription shipment AND 10% off an additional selection of lawn care products. And you’ll still have access to our team of pros who can answer any questions you may have as you start to crush the competition – I mean, neighbors’ – lawn.

Check out the Lawn Care Subscription Program on to get started.