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Luster Leaf Products, Inc.Luster Leaf Products, Inc.

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Luster Leaf Rapitest Soil Test Kit 1609CS
Multiple sizes available
Free Shipping!
Test your soil for nitrogen, pH, potash, and phosphorus with this simple and easy kit.

Luster Leaf Rapitest Mini pH Tester 1815
5 out of 5 stars (1)
Free Shipping!
Tests soil acidity and enables you to alter soil conditions.

Luster Leaf Classic Impressions Garden Labels 10 in. Copper (10 pack)
Free Shipping!
Offers a great help to easily identify the seeds and plants you have in your garden.

Luster Leaf Rapitest Mini Moisture Tester 1810
Free Shipping!
Perfect for window boxes and hanging baskets.

Luster Leaf Rapiclip Plant Twist Tie 164 ft.
Free Shipping!
A plastic coated wire that can be used with any inside or outdoor setting.

Luster Leaf Medium Grow Through Grids 16 x 24 in
Out of Stock
A medium-sized round grid that will provide support for your plants as they grow.

Luster Leaf Rapitest Soil Thermometer 1618
Multiple sizes available
Free Shipping!
A soil thermometer that provides readings in Celsius and Fahrenheit to help in seeding and transplanting.

Luster Leaf Rapiclip Tomato Ties (829)
Free Shipping!
A stretchy nylon ties that is specially designed to provide a great support for tomato plants.

Luster Leaf Rapiclip Tall T Plant Labels 8 in. (10 pack)
Free Shipping!
Offers a great help to easily identify the seeds and plants you have at your garden.

Luster Leaf Gathering Ring 6 in
Free Shipping!
Mainly used to gather plants and perennials on full bloom.

Luster Leaf Rapiclip Plant Labels With Pencil (25 pack)
Free Shipping!
An essential accessory for your garden because it will help you identify your plants by creating a label for each one. This model comes with a pencil.

Luster Leaf Link-Ups U-Support 15 in. x 30 in. (1045)
Free Shipping!
A plant support that tames and organize potted plants, flowers and others even after the plants are fully grown.

Luster Leaf Rapiclip Copper Plant Label 4 pack 6 in.
Out of Stock
Make your plants and flowers on your garden, plant beds and even bushes stand out with this great copper label .

Luster Leaf Rapiclip Foam Wire Tie 8 in. (866)
Out of Stock
A 7mm foam-wrapped garden wire ties that measure 8 inches each which will provide a great support in gardening.

Luster Leaf Rapiclip Green Garden Twine 200 ft. (877)
Out of Stock
A 3 ply jute green garden twine for support of plants and small shrubs.

Luster Leaf Rapiclip Heavy Duty Soft Wire Tie 16 ft. (857)
Out of Stock
A durable and fully adjustable multi-purpose cushioned wire that can be used for many indoor and outdoor gardening needs.

Luster Leaf Rapiclip Plant Clips 15 pack (808)
Out of Stock
A green colored plant clip that perfectly blends with plant stems and branches.

Luster Leaf Rapiclip Plant Twist Tie 8 in. (848)
Free Shipping!
An 8 inch twist tie steel wire that is wrapped in a durable poly material.

Luster Leaf Rapiclip Vinyl Stretch Plant Tie 150 ft. x 1 in. (845)
Out of Stock
A heavy duty support for all garden and yard applications.