Bed Bug Mattress Encasements

Bed bug mattress encasements trap and kill bed bugs that have infested mattresses and prevent other bed bugs from infecting the mattress. Encasements are a smart way to stop bed bugs from ruining a mattress and they also protect against allergens. 

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ActiveGuard Mattress Liner - Single Size - Continual prevention and control against bed bugs and dust mites for two (2) years.
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A mattress encasement that guarantees to provide superior protection against bed bugs and is WATERPROOF on all six sides.
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A premium mattress encasement that helps in preventing bed bugs and other allergens.
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Bed bug bite proof, waterproof on all 6 sides - great for 2 sided mattresses, 99% dust mite free. Allergy Proof. Breathable.
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A mattress cover that is fully waterproof, bed bug proof and produces a healthy and allergy free sleeping environment.
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This is a waterproof crib mattress encasement that is impermeable to bedbugs, mold, and bacteria.
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A lab-tested encasement which is guaranteed allergen-proof, water-proof and creates a barrier against bed bugs and dust mites.
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High-quality 100?dbug proof mattress encasement.

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