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Monterey Weed Impede (Surflan Herbicide)
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    Works great in the desert

    By John on 09/03/2018

    I leveled my yard with fill dirt and covered with screened 1/4 rock. No barrier. I used an insecticide to eliminate any ant/bug problem in my fill dirt. Applied weed impede as directed and watered it in with round-up. It has lasted exactly one year. Bought first bottle recommended from nursery in Tempe, Az. Getting ready to apply again. .

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    Weed Impede

    By Mark on 03/13/2014

    Excellent product as long as you use it every 6 months as directed (in AZ that is in March and October). Be sure to water the applied area if it des not rain. I have 1.25 acres with almost no weeds when used as compared to my neighbors that have weeds all over. I am a life long user now!

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