Nucleus Ortho - Phos NPK Fe T and O (6-21-2 0.2 Fe)


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Nucleus Ortho - Phos NPK Fe T and O (6-21-2 0.2 Fe) jug (2.5 gals)
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Nucleus Ortho - Phos NPK Fe T and O (6-21-2 0.2 Fe)

Nucleus Ortho-Phos NPK Fe T and O (6-21-2 0.2Fe) is a formula designed for turf and ornamental applications. This stabilized solution contains water soluble orthophosphate and in combination with nitrogen, EDDHA iron and soluble potash. Nucleus Ortho-Phos NPK Fe is also compatible with a lot of liquid fertilizer and pesticides in the market, with the following considerations:

  • Do not mix with undiluted pesticides.
  • Mixtures with fertilizers based on potassium thiosulfate and/or ammonium thiosulfate should be applied after mixing.
  • Do Not mix or apply with products that contain calcium, copper, magnesium, zinc or manganese unless they are fully chelated.
  • All tank mixes should always be "jar tested" for compatibility before mixing it for any field applications.

Product is approved for use in the following states:


General Recommendations:

Nucleus Ortho-Phos NPK Fe T and O (6-21-2 0.2Fe)

  • May be applied to turf and ornamental plants where applications of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are recommended.
  • Should be used at the rate of 2-5 gallons per acre - depending on plants needs.
  • When used as directed, this product does not supply all nutrients required by plants and is to supplement a soil fertility program based on soil tests.
  • It may be applied through ground application or irrigation equipment. For ground applied in combination with 2-3 gallon of water and/or liquid fertilizer.

Application and Mixing Guide:

Application Rates: 1-5 gallons per acre according to soil fertility needs. Product should not be used if plant is under stress from pests, heat or inadequate soil moisture.

Mixing: In any mixing operation introduce product in the following mixture:

  • Water
  • Nucleus Ortho-Phos NPK FE T&O 6-21-2
  • Other fertilizers
  • Pesticides or soil conditioners

Note: Product may crystallize in freezing temperatures but will reconstitute in warmer temperatures.

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08/06/2016 Adison from Charlotte, Nc

QWhat is the usage rate of Nucleus Ortho - Phos NPK Fe T and O per 1000 square feet?
A little confused at usage rates for turf. Is there a per 1,000 sq ft rate?


The mixing ratio of†Nucleus Ortho-Phos NPK Fe T and O is 6-15 fl. oz. per 1000 square feet. This will generally mix in 1 gallon of water.†

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