OHP Adept Insect Growth Regulator


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OHP Adept Insect Growth Regulator

OHP Adept Insect Growth Regulator controls foliar feeding and soil inhabiting insects in ornamentals and can be used in greenhouses, interiorscapes, and shadehouses. It quickly binds to organic matter and is not affected by irrigation. It can be applied as a foliar spray or as a soil drench. Adept has little to no effect on beneficial mites and insects. It controls armyworms, aphids, fungus gnats, spider mites, leafminers, thrips, shoreflies, and whiteflies. Package comes with sixteen - 1 oz water soluable packets.



ADEPT provides an effective means for controlling a variety of insect pests found in and around ornamental plants. ADEPT can be used in repeat applications as a soil treatment or foliar spray in enclosed commercial structures only, such as greenhouses, shadehouses, and interiorscapes. Because of its mode of action, which results in a disruption of the normal molting process of the insect larvae, the action of ADEPT is slow and several days may elapse before the full effect is seen.

Because of its specificity, ADEPT has shown little or no effect on beneficial insects and is therefore an excellent product for use in IPM programs.



For control of certain soil inhabiting insects such as fungus gnats and shoreflies, ADEPT can be applied to potting media as a coarse spray (sprench) or higher volume drench application through conventional equipment or through chemigation. When applied according to the recommendations below, ADEPT will provide control for a period of 30 to 60 days. Repeat applications can be made at 4 to 8 weeks intervals as necessary to maintain control, but do not make more than four applications per crop. For optimum control throughout the production area and to prevent re-infestation of crops, it is recommended that breeding areas under benches and other non-crop areas be treated at the same time that the crop is treated.

For bed, bench and container grown plants:

Coarse Soil Spray (Sprench) Applications

For applications in ornamental production, ADEPT should be applied as a coarse spray or “sprench” to the soil surface. Mix 2 ozs. (2 bags) of ADEPT in 100 gals. of water and apply to the soil surfaceat a volume of 1 to 3 gallons of final solution per 100 sq. ft or approximately 1/4 to 3/4 fl. oz. per 6 inch pot.

For soil depths of less than 3 inches, e.g. plug trays, packs and flats, do not exceed a volume of 1 gallon per 100 sq.ft.

Higher Volume Drench Applications to Individual Containers

For drench applications to individual containers, ADEPT can be applied in water volumes higher than those recommended for coarse soil spray / sprench applications as long as the higher volumes can be reliably metered into each pot and evenly distributed over the soil surface to insure uniform treatment. Mix 1.0 oz. (1 bag) of ADEPT in 200 gals. of water and apply at the volumes recommended.


For control of certain foliar feeding insects such as armyworms and lepidopterous leafminers, and suppression of whiteflies, mix 4 to 8 ounces (4 to 8 bags) of ADEPT in 100 gallons of water and apply as a spray to the foliage through conventional spray equipment. The recommended spray volume is one gallon per 200 sq. ft. of bench area.

ADEPT has been found to aid in the control of whiteflies when used in combination or in rotation with other effective insecticides in an IPM program. For optimum suppression of whitefly, spray applications should thoroughly wet the leaf undersides. Begin applications at first sign of insects and repeat applications at 7 day intervals as needed to provide suppression on new foliage growth.

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