Plant Supplements

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Earth Juice Sugar Peak Vegetative
Multiple sizes available
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A liquid fertilizer which features a one-part formula in a single bottle that is designed for leafy vegetables, foliage plants, and vegetative phase of blossoming and fruiting plants.

FoxFarm Happy Frog Bulb Food Organic Fertilizer 3-8-8
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Fortified for long-term blooming of flowers while feeding the roots and reconditions the soil for an increase of disease resistance.

Magnesium Chelate 3%
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A professional organic supplement with manganese to better assist plants with chlorophyll production.

Miracle-Gro Leaf Shine
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A plant care formula that cleans and beautifies all hard-leafed foliage plants.

Espoma Shine Leaf Polish
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Specially designed to clean and restore the natural beauty and shine of the plants foliage.

Manganese Chelate 5%
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An professional organic supplement with manganese and sulfur to better assist plant absorption and correct manganese deficiencies.


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