SePRO Topflor Granular Ornamental Plant Growth Regulator


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SePRO Topflor Granular Ornamental Plant Growth Regulator bag (20 lbs)
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SePRO Topflor Granular Ornamental Plant Growth Regulator

SePRO Topflor Granular Ornamental Plant Growth Regulator is a specially formulated systemic growth regulator that’s designed for woody ornamental plants and herbaceous plants grown in containers in outdoor nurseries and greenhouses. This granular formulation uses Flurprimidol as its active ingredient which effectively controls the height of most ornamental crops by reducing internode elongation through the inhibition of gibberellins biosynthesis. This results to a more desirable and compact ornamental plant. It also helps plants achieve a thicker leaf and darker leaf color, as well as produce plants with stronger stems and higher chlorophyll content.

In New York State, Topflor Granular can be used for greenhouse applications only.

Method of Application

Topflor Granular should be made as a topical application to container grown ornamental plants. Applications can also be applied to individual pots with hand held delivery devices calibrated to deliver a known amount of product.

Application Timing

Topflor Granular can be applied at any stage of the growth and development of container and field grown ornamental plants. For woody ornamentals and herbaceous perennials, best results are found when applications are made at the onset of spring greenup when the plants are shaped and pruned to the desired size. If multiple applications are required, the plant should be shaped and pruned again prior to sequential applications. For bedding plants, applications should be made when the plants are well established after transplant.

On all plants, Topflor Granular applications should be moderately watered in to move the active ingredient into the root zone where it can be absorbed and translocated by the plant. Avoid leaching and runout following application of Topflor Granular.

Topical Applications

Apply Topflor Granular as a topical application to individual pots for height control of container ornamentals. Follow rate recommendations in Table 1 to target rates of product per pot. (See label for application rates table)

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