Sun Bulb Better-Gro Phalaenopsis Orchid Potting Mix


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Sun Bulb Better-Gro Phalaenopsis Orchid Potting Mix bag (8 qt)

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Sun Bulb Better-Gro Phalaenopsis Orchid Potting Mix

Sun Bulb Better-Gro Phalaenopsis Mix is precisely blended to possess the correct mixture of moisture essential to stimulating exceptional Phalaenopsis root and plant growth. Better-Gro Phalaenopsis Mix is an incredible rich combo of chunk Canadian peat mixed with hardwood charcoal, coarse perlite and western fir bark. This specifically formulated potting media nurtures colorful and spectacular long-living Phalaenopsis orchids. Gives Phalaenopsis orchids the air flow, root ventilation and drainage that they would thrive in a natural environment. To support healthy growth, this product should be used as needed or every 12-18 months at least and when re-potting orchids. Resealable bag contains detailed guided instructions with photos.

Phalaenopsis orchids are America’s favorite orchid! Their low-maintenance and long bloom life make them especially popular with all growers. From the time the first flower bud opens, the floral ‘spray’ on a Phalaenopsis will remain in bloom for 2-3 months. Phalaenopsis orchids will bloom season after season, provided they are properly cared for and periodically re-potted in the right potting mix.

For continued orchid care, use Better-Gro Orchid Plus Fertilizer and Better-Gro Orchid Bloom Booster Fertilizer to promote healthy growth and abundant blooms.

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