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"Lightning quick shipping! Product works GREAT! Persistent weeds needed two sprayings but most were killed on first spray. Highly recommend!"

Arroyo Grande, CA


"WOW this is the site Ive been needing for a long time they have ten times more inventory than my region needs, this beats the big box stores by far."

Winter Park, FL


"I highly recommend anyone who wishes to try to do their own pest control to shop on-line with, its affordable, there is a great selection on products to use and the products do indeed work from the moment you first apply them."

Columbus, OH


"I found to be a very well-designed site that was easy to use. They do a good job organizing their products by their intended use (e.g., termiticides for soil treatment vs termiticides for spot treatment). Each product description has links to the specimen label and the MSDS, as well as giving useful figures for how many gallons each size package will yield. The Q&A contain useful information about the products and how they differ. (In my case, I was interested in longevity of treatments.)"

Miami, FL


"I am VERY impressed with the prices offered and the free shipping. My products arrived within a few days, which was surprising since the shipping was free. I found the customer support through Facebook to be very welcoming and friendly."

Phoenix, AZ