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"Dear all, my home was infested with roaches for so many years, we have tried unsuccessfully get rid of this infestation by buying roach sprays from other retail stores that didn"t work. We got so worried and started researching on line how we can get rid of it. Our son went on you tube and found a video of "Domyownpestcontrol". It seemed to be exactly what we want. We immediately went on line, placed an order, received it within two days. To cut a long story short, we are roach free, we highly recommend this product to everyone that really needs help getting rid of roaches in their home. I will be back to buy some other products, your products are wonderful."



"You have earned another loyal customer. I did much research before knowing what I should use. I kept returning to your website, you have all the information, easily found, and low prices. Done. I've already recommended this site to a friend."

Paramount, CA


"My son used to work for an exterminator and he told me the exact product names to get, but he wasn't sure I would be able to purchase products without a permit to do so. Guess what I did. These products are exactly what the exterminating company that he worked for used. I am extremely happy that I was able to get what I needed and do it myself for far less then an exterminator. I will definitely do a better job of applying the product to all the crevices myself."

Greensburg, KY


"Love doing business with DoMyOwnPestControl. Great products, prompt shipping, great prices... Very satisfied (repeat) customer."

Pembroke Pines, Florida


"I love their website- besides the prices and that the order comes earlier than expected, they have lots of general information that has helped myself and my friends."

Coral Springs, FL