DoMyOwn has helped hundreds of thousands of customers solve their pest control problems like pros. Here are just a few of their testimonials...

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"Do My Own is the BEST! Very informative and Won't sell you what you don't need.The prices are Great for the quality products they sell. All you need is a Saturday afternoon and follow the instructions. You will save thousands! I am a contractor and experienced what pest control companies charge for what they do. I have told numerous people about this company. Thank You for being THE alternative."



"I had a really bad cat flea infestation and I only purchased 1 insecticide (FenvaStar EcoCap, 8oz.) and 1 IGR (Precor, 2oz.). Sprayed once, then waited 2 weeks and sprayed again and have not seen a flea in my house since! I believe the key to successfully get rid of lots of fleas are to sweep every single day at least once daily (yes, it is a pain), if not twice daily, but these two products will get rid of them for less than $30.00 & lots of sweeping!"



"I discovered while doing an internet search. I have placed several orders with All of my orders have been delivered in a timely manner. I had a question about one of the products so I called the customer service number. My question was answered by a friendly and professional customer service agent. I am glad I found and look forward to doing future online business with them."
Navarre, FL


"We own rental homes and paying a contractor to get rid of the roaches was costly and never seemed to work. After using DoMYOwn roach gel, we got rid of them, finally. Product was delivered within a few days, and whenever I have a question, I call and they always answer me. You have gained a customer for life. Thanks, Renee from Florida."

Saint Cloud / Orlando Florida


"I have always gotten superb customer service every time I deal with them. We own apartments and use them regularly. Thanks."