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"Nothing - and I mean nothing - drops roaches like Cy-Kick CS. One drop and they are on their backs. I am so glad I found this website. I tried to get my pest control guy to sell me some, and he couldn't. Don't waste another penny of your money on Raid or anything else at the store. It is all worthless. Save all your money for Cy-Kick CS!"



"I purchased Advion gel bait after using numerous store bought products. In Florida, the cockroaches can take over and run you out in no time. The gel bait worked great! After 18 hours my floors were covered in dead roaches. It has been 3 days and I have only seen a few survivors. I went from completely infested to almost none in just a few days. I have tried sprays, and they did not work at all. The gel bait works, and works great. Don't bother with store bought products they don't work."



"DMOPC has the best price on Cy-Kick CS. I ordered it Friday morning, and it went out the same day! Thanks for your best efforts. "



"I had a nationally known outfit come out for cockroach exterminating estimate. The price was ridiculous! And all they were going to do is spray. Then I found your website. I bought Vendetta Plus for some filthy cockroach loving tenants and treated as recommended. Man, this stuff is amazing! The minute I started applying this stuff, you'd think I rang the dinner bell. They came out of nowhere to eat this stuff. I wouldn't have believed it until I saw it with my own eyes. Whoever invented this stuff should get the Nobel Prize. I am pleased and impressed with you guys and the variety of pest products, helpful videos and expert advice, plus the cost savings. You guys are a godsend. "



"I bought the sparrow trap to get the hordes of sparrows away from my garden and back yard. It works perfectly. I've also been having trouble with small rodents in the garden, so I ordered a Nooski trap for them. That trap just arrived today - I'll put it out tomorrow evening. In the meantime, when I went to check the bird trap, I found 2 small rats trapped inside! That trap is awesome! I'm really impressed with the effectiveness of your products."

Huntington Beach, CA