What is triclopyr?

Triclopyr as an active ingredient is a systemic foliar herbicide, which means it is applied to the foliage of a plant and then travels down to the roots. Triclopyr is used primary to control broadleaf, woody, and herbaceous weeds while leaving grasses and conifers unharmed.   A chemical with this ability to kill certain undesirable plants without harming those around it is called a selective herbicide.

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Triclopyr herbicide products are labeled by the EPA with the signal word "Caution" which translates to low toxicity.  It is also a Group D chemical which means it is not classifiable as a carcinogen. It is non-toxic to bees but highly toxic to fish.

Mode of Action

The effects of Triclopyr mimic that of plant growth hormones, interfering with the normal growing process.  It is absorbed by leaves, roots, cut stems or green bark and moves through the plant to accumulate in the growth region of plant where it is able to disrupt further growth.


Triclopyr is registered for use on rice, pasture and rangeland, lawns, right-of-ways, and forests.

Products Containing Triclopyr

Battleship III Herbicide - 2.5 gallon
Fertilome Brush Killer and Stump Killer
Confront Herbicide
Crossbow Herbicide

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