VectorFog H400SF Trolly Mounted Thermal Fogger


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VectorFog H400SF Trolly Mounted Thermal Fogger fogger $2,830.00
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VectorFog H400SF Trolly Mounted Thermal Fogger
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The VectorFog H400SF Trolley Mounted Thermal Fogger is ideal for medium size fogging applications to apply oil based and water solutions. It is perfect in locations where access to vehicles is limited. Due to its 6.1 gallon (30 L) solution tank, this thermal fogger may be used for long periods of time without the necessity to refill. This fogger machine will allow someone to handle any project, from animal health disinfection and plant protection, along with the control of vector carriers of diseases and pests. The H400SF model fogger has been manufactured using high quality stainless steel, providing the owner with years of performance and durability. Some of the features include a 6.1 gallon (30 L) solution tank and an flow rate of 13 GPH (50 LPH) for oil based solutions.

The VectorFog fogging equipment is used primarily for the application of biocides, disinfectants, pesticides and fungicides. VectorFog foggers create a mist or fog that forms an Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) droplet that is between 5-30 microns in length. Studies have revealed that these sizes of droplets are perfect to handle vector carriers of diseases, pathogens, and pests. Also, solutions may be applied in concentrations of 10-90%, and with flow rates of over 21.1 gallons per hour (GPH) making them more efficient foggers. The H400SF has a fuel tank capacity of 3.3 quarts (3.2 L) with a fuel consumption rate of 1.9 quarts per hour (1.8 lph).

SF Technology

The SF thermal foggers are designed for the application of water or oil based solutions. VectorFog SF unique and patented Dual-Point inlet technology, these foggers are one of the most versatile and durrable foggers in the market today. Simply turn a valve to switch between water and oil based fogging. For 2014 the SF Series foggers will also come with additional options including a manual start only, auto start (standard), and dual start. A materials option will also be available for 2014, including an all stainless steel option for applying more corrosive chemicals.

DOD Test

For 2014 the H200SF was tested by the US Navy Entomology Center to evaluate the droplet size of the VectorFog SF Series machines in the Volume Medium Diameter (VMD) spectrum. Using a laser diffraction spectral analyser usder DV 0.5 conditions, the VectorFog H200SF showed to perform considerably better than Chinese brands, and slightly better than brands from Germany. These SF Series foggers also came on top in the water fogging test, achieving the smallest droplet size of all the thermal foggers ever tested by the DOD.

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02/17/2017 Anais from Puerto Rico

QIs VectorFog H400SF Trolly Mounted Thermal Fogger electric powered?


Is VectorFog H400SF Trolly Mounted Thermal Fogger is battery powered and runs by using fuel.

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