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Woodlink Audubon Crystal Tower Plastic Hummingbird Feeder 24 oz (NAH10)
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The clear plastic compartment allows to monitor the nectar level of the feeder.

Woodlink Audubon Deck Mount Bracket (NADECK)
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You can easily clamp this bracket on your decks to hang your bird feeders, bird houses, and other garden decorations.

Woodlink Audubon Thistle Sock Bird Feeder 1 lb. (NASOCK)
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A simple thistle sock feeder that is perfect for clinging birds.

Woodlink Caged 6 Port Seed Tube Bird Feeder 1.25 lb. (WLC6S)
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A mixed seed tube feeder that comes with a cage. It has 1.25 pound capacity.

Woodlink Clear Plastic Squirrel Baffle 16 in. (WLCLBAF16)
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A 16-inch clear plastic squirrel baffle.

Woodlink Coppertop Cages 6-Port Seed Bird Feeder 1.25 lbs. (WLCOPCAGE6S)
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Attract lovely birds on your garden or backyard with this classic and beautiful bird feeder.

Woodlink Going Green Platform Bird Feeder Light Green (WL32325)
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Offers a nature-friendly feeding station in your yard.

Woodlink Slot n Pin Angle Hanger 34 in. (SP17)
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A 34-inch Slot n' Pin angle hanger.

Woodlink Slot N Pin Bird Bath Bracket and Dish (SP6)
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A durable bird bath that includes an attractive dish and a reliable bracket.

Woodlink Window Treat Bird Feeder (NAWFDR)
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A window bird feeder that attracts a variety of wild birds!

Woodlink Audubon Cedar Wren / Chickadee Bird House (NAWRCH)
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A nice bird house constructed from cedar wood that will surely attract wrens, chickadees, and more.

Woodlink Audubon Multi - Position Hook (NAMULTI)
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An all around hook for all your household needs, inside or outside.

Woodlink Audubon Traditional Wren House (NAWREN)
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A weather-resistant bird house that is designed for Wrens.

Woodlink Caged Screen Black Oil Sunflower or Peanut Tube Bird Feeder 1.25 lbs. (WLCMESH)
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A squirrel resistant tube feeder that can feed Black Oil Sunflower or Peanuts.

Woodlink Green Steel Magnum Thistle Bird Feeder 5 lbs (STMAG4GRT)
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A heavy duty thistle feeder perfect to hang on any bird stations or a tree branch.

Woodlink Heavy Duty Pole 32 in. (SP14)
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A heavy duty pole that lets you customize your garden or backyard for added life and art.

Woodlink Hooks N More Branch Hook For Bird Feeders 24 in. (HM34)
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A durable branch hook that is safe for trees.

Woodlink Slot n Pin Curved Wall Mount Hanger (SP24)
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An all around mounting hardware to use inside or outside your house.

Woodlink Slot n Pin Double Curved Wall Mount Hanger (SP23)
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A double curved hanger that will allow you to display your bird feeders, bird houses and other accessories stylishly.

Woodlink Slot N Pin Flag Mount Bracket (SP15)
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Securely holds flags or banners.

Woodlink Slot n Pin Ground Anchor (SP13)
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It works with most Slot n Pin pole system and it will help secure your pole on the ground.

Woodlink Slot N Pin Triple Tube Seed Bird Feeder 6 lb. (WL3TUBE)
Out of Stock
Holds three diffferent types of seed in one unique feeder.

Woodlink Tails Up Finch Bird Feeder 1.25 lb. (WLTAIL)
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Fully assembled, hangs from tree branch or outdoor support with the included hanger.

Woodlink Audubon 3 Piece Pole Kit (NAPOLE)
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A 3-piece pole kit which includes mounting bracket, ground socket, and pole.