Acquit 4F Herbicide

Acquit 4F Herbicide 2.5 gal.
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Product Overview

Acquit 4F Herbicide is a selective herbicide that protects turf and provides post-emergence control on sedges, broadleaf weeds, and tough grasses. It targets listed weeds such as kylinga, nutsedge, pigweed, dandelion, and dollar weed. It takes action by being absorbed through the foliage and roots. This prevents the production of chlorophyll and germination. This product has long-lasting residual control and lessens weed population. It works best on established turf, such as athletic fields, golf courses, industrial areas, and sod farms. Available in a 64-ounce container.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Sulfentrazone - 39.6%
Target pests Tough grasses, sedges, and broadleaf weeds.
For use in Athletic fields, golf courses, highways, railways, industrial areas, institutional lawns, and sod farms.
Application Apply Acquit 4F as a broadcast treatment at rates indicated in the product label, in enough water to obtain good coverage and to make at least 10 gallons finished spray per acre. See label for more instructions.
Pet safe Yes, if used as instructed on the label.
Formulation Liquid.
VT (Restricted To Licensed Applicators Only)
Dimensions 4.00 x 7.00 x 9.00
Special Features Prevents the production of chlorophyill and germination.
Shipping Weight 5.00 lbs
Manufacturer Atticus LLC (Mfg. Number: 520054)
EPA Registration 91234-32



Bedstraw, Beggarwee, Black Medic, Buttercups, Carolina geranium, Carpetweed, Chickweed, Cinquefoil, Clover, Copperleaf, Crabgrass, Cudweed, Dandelion, Dock, Dollarweed, Eclipta, Evening primrose, Fiddleneck, Filaree, Galinsoga, Garlic, Goldenrod, Ground ivy, Groundsel, Henbit, Knawel, Knotweed, Kochia, Kylinga, Lambsquarters, Lawn burweed, Lespedeza, Mallow, Nutsedge, Onion, Parsley, Pigweed, Sedge, Shepherd's purse, Smartweed, Sorrel, Speedwell, Spurge, Star of Bethlehem, Velvetleaf, Violet, Woodsorrel.


Apply Acquit 4 F as a broadcast treatment at rates indicated in the product label, in enough water to obtain good coverage and to make at least 10 gallons finished spray per ace. When Acquit 4F is tank mixed of applied, use water, as the carrier. In order to assure appropriate amounts of moisture for activation of product, best results will be obtained if Acquit 4F is applied in early spring, late summer or fall.

Make application with a boom and nozzle sprayer or boomless application system. Make application at spray pressure of 25 psi or below, unless the manufacturer specifies otherwise. Achieve best spray delivery and coverage, with minimum amounts of fine spray droplets by utilizing properly chosen and adjusted nozzles, spray tips, and screens. Applications only to railroad rights of way can be made by helicopter. Do not allow spray drift to drift onto adjacent plants as injury to other plants may occur.

When Acquit 4F has been activated, it will provide control of listed weed species in the product label. The level of control will depend on the size and type of weed species when Acquit 4F is activated. The control of listed germinating weed species in the product label will be reduced when rain or irrigation follows a period of dry weather.


Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Pennysylvania, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Conneticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC.

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