DoMyOwn's Turf Box Lawn Care Subscription Programs

Take the guesswork out of preventing weeds and disease in your lawn with DoMyOwn's Turf Box®.

Receive the premium granular products that your lawn needs throughout the year, customized to your grass type, lawn size, and location.

Plus, you’ll save 20% on each Turf Box subscription program shipment, and get an additional 10% off select lawn care products.

Take the Guesswork Out of Your Lawn Care

5 out of 5 stars
"I'm busy and didn't want to think about what to put on my lawn, or when! This is a perfect program to solve both of these in one step.
And I get 20% off!"


5 out of 5 stars
"It's the best subscription program for your lawn. You don't have to think, other than following directions."


--DoMyOwn Turf Box Members


Take control of your lawn care with DoMyOwn's Turf Box. We'll take the guesswork out of selecting the weed and disease prevention products your lawn needs throughout the year, with a program customized to your grass type, lawn size, and location.

Premium Products

Premium Products

Not sure what to get? No worries!
We select the best premium products for your lawn.

Right Sized

Right Sized

From 2,500 to 20,000 square feet, we've got you covered with programs sized right for your lawn.

Customized Schedule

Customized Schedule

No forgetting to order. Products are delivered directly to your home when it's time to apply.

Member Savings

Member Savings

Members save 20% on each Turf Box and 10% off select pro-grade lawn care products

Subscribe today and save 20% on your custom lawn plan!

What's In a DoMyOwn Turf Box?

Weed Prevention Program

Option 1

Weed Prevention Program

  • Granular pre-emergent weed control customized to your grass type, lawn size, and location

  • Premium products delivered directly to your door throughout the spring and fall

Disease Prevention Program

Option 2

Disease Prevention Program

  • Premium fungicide disease control compatible with your grass type, lawn size, and location, rotated to avoid resistance

  • Professional-grade granular products delivered directly to your door as you need them throughout the year

Disease Prevention Program

Option 3 – Most Popular Plan

Weed & Disease Prevention Program

  • Spring and fall pre-emergent herbicides to prevent weeds

  • Select fungicides your lawn needs, rotated to prevent resistance build-up

  • Combines our best recommendations for total lawn health all season long

All of our Turf Box Subscription Programs also include application instructions, free expert advice, and 10% off other select lawn care products.

*Products shown are examples and quantities will vary by subscription.
Programs are customized by grass type, lawn size, and location.

More Reasons to Subscribe

FREE Pro Advice

FREE Pro Advice

Our team of lawn care experts are available for questions and advice to make your lawn the best on the block.

FREE Shipping

FREE Shipping

Each of DoMyOwn's Turf Box includes standard fast, free shipping on every shipment!

Cancel Anytime

Cancel Anytime

Cancel your Turf Box subscription at any time. You’ll only be charged for any shipments that have shipped.

Get started today to save on your lawn care program!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DoMyOwn's Turf Box?

DoMyOwn's Turf Box is a lawn care subscription program designed to take the guesswork out of selecting and using premium grade products in your own lawn. We’ll send you the products your lawn needs, as you need them throughout the year, in quantities sized right for your lawn. No need to remember to order products for your next treatment, we’ll remember for you.

How do I know which Turf Box subscription program to select?

With our short questionnaire, we’ll be able to narrow down programs that are compatible with your grass type, lawn size, and location. All you need to decide is if you want to prevent weeds, prevent disease, or prevent both in your lawn.
Click here to get started.

Do I save money with DoMyOwn's Turf Box subscription?

Your Turf Box shipments will contain premium-grade lawn care products that have been discounted 20% from standard retail price. In addition, Turf Box subscribers will automatically save 10% on additional select, premium and pro-grade lawn care products.

How do I see my additional savings?

When you have a Turf Box subscription, you are eligible for a 10% discount on select premium, professional grade lawn care products. You can view the eligible items here.

To take advantage of your members only discount, be sure you are logged in to your DoMyOwn account. The prices on products marked with "Your Price" have automatically been adjusted to reflect your 10% members only savings. No coupon codes required!

What products are included in DoMyOwn's Turf Box?

Our Weed Prevention Program includes granular pre-emergent herbicides to prevent weeds, our Disease Prevention Program includes granular fungicides to prevent disease, and our Weed and Disease Prevention Program includes both granular pre-emergent herbicides and granular fungicides for weed and disease control. In addition, Turf Box program members automatically receive a 10% discount on additional select lawn care products including fertilizers, post-emergent herbicides (weed killers), grass seed, equipment, and more.

Why are fertilizers not included in the Turf Box subscription?

Each lawn has different nutritional needs making it difficult to offer pre-selected products. We recommend performing a soil analysis test on your lawn. Then, our in-house lawn care pros will be able to analyze the results of your test and make recommendations for fertilizers and nutrients based on the needs of your specific lawn. As a Turf Box program member, you will automatically save 10% on select lawn fertilizers.

Why does my program show two shipments of the same product?

Each Turf Box program is tailored to where you live, your turf type, your lawn size, the program you select, and when you sign up to give you the best protection from weeds, disease, or both.


For our Weed Prevention Program, our spring and fall shipments are designed as split applications during each season – meaning an early season application (e.g. February) and one later in the season (e.g. April). The number of weeks between the split applications will depend upon the product selected for your program. If you are a new subscriber, your first year's program may vary depending on when you enroll.


For example, if you sign up for the Weed Prevention program in late March, you may only receive one spring pre-emergent shipment your first year as we adjust your program to give you the best results based on when you subscribe. Going forward, we will adjust your program schedule and product selection to ensure you get the right product at the right time for optimal results.

I have a small yard and I am only seeing one shipment of pre-emergents. Why is this?

With some of our programs, you may receive a shipment that contains enough product for two applications. In those cases, your first shipment will include application instructions detailing how much to put down, and how much to save for the next application. When it's time for the next application, we will send you a reminder email to apply your remaining product.

Will my program be the same from year to year?

Not necessarily! There are many factors we consider when customizing our Turf Box programs for your lawn. We also take care of product rotations, both in-season, from season to season, and from year to year, to help keep your lawn healthy and looking its best. During your first year, shipments may be different than in subsequent years as we tailor a plan to when you sign up during the lawn care season, to ensure you are putting down the right amount of product at the right time. And from year to year you may receive different products as we customize the best program for your lawn.

How do I pay for DoMyOwn's Turf Box subscription program?

You can pay for your Turf Box subscription shipments using a credit card or debit card. Your card information will be saved in our system and will be automatically charged when future subscription program orders ship.

At this time, Paypal cannot be used to pay for Turf Box subscription orders. Payments are made automatically with the credit card or payment option saved to your account as each subscription program order ships.

How do I manage my Turf Box subscription program?

Log into your DoMyOwn account and click “My Programs" to view your program information. From there you'll be able to change your program size, update your payment method, change your shipping address, skip a shipment, change the next ship date, or cancel. If you have any questions, contact our customer service team for help.

I'm not going to be home during a shipment. Can I change or skip shipment dates?

Yes! We offer both Skip A Shipment and Change Next Ship Date options for your program.


As your Turf Box has been customized for you, the shipments are scheduled throughout the year based on the optimal application window for your location and turf. Skipping a shipment may result in less-than-optimal results, so we recommend you change the next ship date to make sure you are getting the protection you need from weeds and disease. You can make these changes under “My Programs" in your DoMyOwn Account.

How do I cancel my Turf Box?

You can cancel your Turf Box subscription at any time. Just log into your DoMyOwn account and make the changes under "Account Settings." It may take up to 24 hours for your cancellation to be processed.

Have more questions?

Let us know! We'll be happy to answer any questions you have.