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Protect your home from the most common perimeter pests with DoMyOwn's Pest Box®.

Sign up today to get the professional pest control products you need to prevent pests from invading your home throughout the year. We'll customize your program to your home's size and location and deliver it automatically when it’s time to apply. 

Plus, you'll receive an additional 5% off select pest control products and equipment with your membership!

Take the Guesswork Out of Your Perimeter Pest Control

5 out of 5 stars
"Love this subscription program, I always forgot to spray around the home... Now I just spray when it arrives and there's nothing left over to keep sitting in the garage."


5 out of 5 stars
"Just great products. they really work. I like getting just what I need every month to kill the bugs I have... Good instructions on everything. Easy to use."


--DoMyOwn Pest Box Members


Program Features & Benefits

Professional Products

Professional Products

Protect your home with easy-to-use professional pest control products from best-selling brands.

Maximum Protection

Maximum Protection

You'll receive a different professional insecticide with each box to maximize your pest defense.

Right Sized

Right Sized

No worrying where to store extra product - you'll receive only what you need for each treatment.

Customized Schedule

Customized Schedule

Your program is customized to your location to ensure you get your pest control only when you need it.

Cancel Anytime

Cancel Anytime

You can cancel your subscription at any time. No contracts, no hassles, no problems.

Members Only Savings

Members Only Savings

As a member of the program, you'll receive 5% off additional pest control products and equipment.

Ready to get started for as low as $9.98/shipment*?

What's Included With Each Box

We’ll send you a pair of nitrile gloves, 3 insect glue board traps, step-by-step mixing and application instructions, and professional perimeter pest control spray from top brands including:

Temprid FX Advion WDGDemand Duo

With every box, you’ll receive a different insecticide spray to maximize your pest defense.


Ready to take the guesswork out of DIY pest control?

Control Common Perimeter Pests


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When Will I Receive My Pest Box?

Treatment Schedule

More Reasons to Subscribe

  • Free Pro Advice

    Our team of pest control experts are available to help. If you have questions or need advice on pest control treatments, give our pros a call, chat with us online, or send us an email!

  • Fast Free Shipping

    Your pest control treatments will be shipped directly to your door with our fast, free shipping!

  • Members Only Savings

    As a member of our Pest Box, you will receive 5% off additional select pest control products and equipment.

    Whether you need to get rid of roaches, eliminate a bed bug infestation, or keep your backyard free of mosquitoes, you'll save on a wide variety of professional do-it-yourself pest control treatments.

Get started today for as low as $9.98/shipment*

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DoMyOwn's Pest Box?

DoMyOwn's Pest Box is a do-it-yourself subscription pest control program designed to remove the doubt and uncertainty that can come with choosing a perimeter pest control program for your home. We’ll select the professional-grade products best for the size of your property and ship them as needed. There’s no need for you to remember to order throughout the year, we’ll remember for you.

What products are included in the Pest Box?

Your Pest Box subscription program shipment will include an insecticide from a leading brand that will safely control the most common perimeter pests including ants, cockroaches, crickets, silverfish and more. Each insecticide will need to be mixed with water and sprayed around the perimeter of the home with a backpack or hand pump sprayer (not included).

In each of your pest control box shipments, you will also receive a pair of nitrile gloves, insect glue board monitors, and step-by-step application instructions, so you will always know exactly how and where to apply your pest control treatment.

Will I receive the same products each time?

Insecticides will be rotated each shipment for maximum effectiveness. Some pests can build resistance to one insecticide if it is used repeatedly throughout the year. By rotating to different insecticides with different modes-of-action to control pests, you will keep your home’s perimeter secured from pests and avoid resistance.

How often will I need to apply?

With the Pest Box, we’ll only ship your boxes during your location’s shipment schedule to ensure you maintain protection around the perimeter of your structure only when pests are active.

We recommend that you receive and apply boxes every 4 weeks, but we also offer 6-week and 8-week delivery options.  If you are re-applying your pest control products every 4 weeks, your pest barrier will not have time to break down from the rain and sun’s UV rays. It also creates better coverage, if one spot is accidentally missed during one treatment, it will be covered the next. Many outdoor perimeter pest control products are also designed to be re-applied every 4 weeks as they are subject to the sun and rain, which can cause the protection to break down over time.

When selecting the frequency of your Pest Box shipments, you need to choose the application timeframe that is right for your situation, and your tolerance for seeing pests. Know that if you choose to apply every 6 weeks or 8 weeks, you will still have a pest control, but may begin to see a few pests around your home 4 weeks after your application. 

How many shipments will I receive each year?

The number of shipments you receive will depend on your location and the delivery frequency you select.  We will only ship your pest control program when you need it, depending on your location’s climate and pest activity. While the climate in Florida is prime for pest activity all year-round, the climate in Minnesota is vastly different and requires treatments for fewer months of the year. See our chart above to see the approximate months your location will receive shipments.

How much does DoMyOwn's Pest Box cost?

The Pest Box subscription starts at $9.98 per shipment.

The program cost is based on the linear feet of the structures where you will be applying the perimeter pest control treatments. With each shipment, you will only receive professional pest control products sized right for your property, meaning you will not pay for product you do not need.

Pest Box members will also automatically save 5% off additional select professional pest control products and equipment to help take care of other pest issues you may encounter.

How do I see my additional savings?

When you have DoMyOwn's Pest Box subscription, you are eligible for a 5% discount on select premium, professional-grade pest control products and equipment. You can view the eligible items here.

To take advantage of your members only discount, be sure you are logged in to your DoMyOwn account. The prices on products marked with "Your Price" have automatically been adjusted to reflect your 5% members only savings. No coupon codes required!

How do I pay for DoMyOwn's Pest Box?

You can pay for your subscription shipments using a credit card or debit card. Your card information will be saved in our system and will be automatically charged when future subscription program orders ship.

At this time, Paypal cannot be used to pay for Pest Box subscription program orders. Payments are made automatically with the credit card or payment option saved to your account as each Pest Box order ships.

How do I manage my Pest Box subscription program?

Log into your DoMyOwn account and click “My Programs" to view your program information. From there you'll be able to change your payment method or cancel. Or, give our customer service team a call at 866-581-7378.

How do I cancel my Pest Box?

You can cancel your Pest Box subscription at any time. Just log into your DoMyOwn account and make the changes under "Account Settings." It may take up to 24 hours for your cancellation to be processed.

Have more questions?

Let us know! We'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

* Pest Box subscription programs start at $9.98 per shipment. The program cost is based on the linear feet of the structures where you will be applying the perimeter pest control treatments. The number of shipments you receive will depend on your location and your selected delivery frequency.