Mosquito Misting Systems

A mosquito misting system can allow you to spend more time outdoors without being constantly pestered by annoying mosquitoes. Mosquito misting systems make it easy to control mosquitoes in your yard because they work on a timed system, dispensing a certain amount of insecticide concentrate for a specified amount of time.

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A misting system that is a perfect solution for insect problems for flies to mosquitoes in and around horse barns.
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A 55-gallon unit that consists of an electronic motor pump. It comes with a back up battery.
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Replacement spray nozzle tips.
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A single spray nozzle assembly for the Pyranha misting systems.
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A large kit of nozzles and tubing for the misting systems.
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Pyranha 1/2 HP Electric Motor (007EMH) for Pyranha SprayMaster System
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Tubing cutter for use with Pyranha SprayMaster systems.
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A backpack cold fogger designed for precise vector commercial & residential applications for mosquitoes and flies in poultry houses, farms and barrier spraying.
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A small kit of a tee-nozzle and tubing for the misting systems.

How Mosquito Misting Systems Work

A mosquito misting system generally consists of a multi-gallon tank that holds your preferred insecticide product, usually a synergized pyrethrin concentrate. Rubber tubing runs from the reservoir tank to nozzles that you can place wherever necessary, such as along the perimeter of your backyard and any other area prone to mosquitoes. You can set a timer on your mosquito mister so your applications are hands free and applied at the right time of day for each application.

How To Use Your Mosquito Misting System

There is some concern about using mosquito mist systems, because it can lead to over-application of pesticides, causing insecticide resistance and other problems. With some monitoring and attention to mosquito populations, you will be able to use your mosquito mister safely and effectively.

  • Before setting up your mosquito misting system, make sure to monitor the mosquito population in your area, noting the time mosquitoes are active, as this will give you the most success.
  • You can use your system wherever necessary. Just be sure you are reading the label of the product carefully.
  • It is important to continue to take other steps in controlling mosquito populations in conjunction with your mosquito mister, as this will help cut down on the amount and frequency of spraying.
  • Be sure to choose the right system for your needs. A large system, such as the Pyranha SprayMaster Misting system, works great for large areas and horse barns. It is an expensive system, but very powerful and effective at controlling mosquitoes and other problematic insects.
  • The SolaMist Mosquito and Insect Misting System is solar powered and can be controlled with your smart phone, allowing you to choose the appropriate time and frequency of application with the touch of a button, perfect for home use.

The cost of a mosquito misting system will factor in heavily to your choice of using one of these systems. However, it can be worth it to prevent diseases such as West Nile and chikungunya.

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