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    Bee Suit

    By Randall on 07/31/2017

    Bee suit is OK ... however I believe the ones selling at other sites for less than half the price are probably as good or better. The veil on this one is hard to get adequately attached to the hat. If the weak elastic works loose from the top of the hat stinging insects can get in. If I had it to do over again I would get a much less expensive suit with a better designed hood. I am not very confident this one will prevent me from being stung.

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    By Kevin on 07/12/2019

    The gloves are to thin and they wore quickly. They have a hole in the finger, I've only had them for three weeks.

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    Ventilated Helmet Has Holes

    By Jag on 10/06/2020

    The ventilated helmet has a suspension system that keeps your head away from the interior of the helmet. The suspension system is secured in place with metal grommets. Unfortunately, the grommets have a hollow center that can allow stinging insects to enter near your head. I was not comfortable trying to cover the holes with the fabric mesh that is pulled down over the helmet. If you pull the fabric down all the way, the grommet holes are exposed and insects can enter. If you pull the fabric down just enough to cover the holes, I found that it can ride up and create a large opening at the top of the helmet. This can also allow insects to enter. Since I was dealing with a wasp nest, I wasn't taking any chances. I used duct tape to cover the holes. I don't feel like I should have to use tape to prevent possible entry. Also, the front zipper has two handles. When one is pulled up to close the suit, the other needs to stay near the crotch. If this lower handle rides up, your suit is open. I kept looking down to make sure that it was staying closed. Each time I looked, it was closed but I didn't like that I needed to keep checking to see it was closed. I wish the design of both of these items was better. I couldn't send it back for a refund or credit because I had wasps entering my basement. I had to use it immediately. This is the only item purchased from DoMyOwn that I regret.

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