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    By Pam on 09/22/2017

    Fuse works well. I've had to sweep thousands of dead Odorous House Ants off the steps and porch several times since using it. I wish they sold it in smaller bottles. I have enough for the whole neighborhood. Unfortunately the ingredients are quite dangerous. Recent research has shown the "neonic" ingredients to kill worms, fish, frogs, as well as insects. If plants take up the poison insects drinking nectar from the flowers, like bees, will get poisoned, as well as those sucking sap or chewing leaves, so it is critical to removed plants withing 2 feet of the house. That is a lot of work! I wish there had been another way to kill the ants which were vastly multiplied this year. I have battled them for years but the colonies keep growing. This will keep them out of the house at least. Use sparingly with extreme caution. I did save about $250 compared to having the exterminator do it, but he wasn't going to do the real work of removing the plants. That was up to me.

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    mole cricket investation

    By Ricky on 06/25/2017

    Fuse showed much more progress than any other single product. I mixed it with Taurus SC (w/fipronil) now I'm just spot spraying.

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