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    Faded excitement

    By Amber on 09/22/2017

    I was so excited after reading the reviews of this product. I had tried everything on the internet to rid my bathroom of drain flies including vinegar and baking soda, boiling water, Draino, and even bleach. Nothing was working. I finally purchased the InVade Bio Drain Gallon size and I followed the directions to a T, and at first, I thought it was working! After using it every night, for 7 nights, the drain flies had disappeared. I began using it once a week and was hopeful I could eventually move to once a month for maintenance. However, after 2 weeks, the flies came back, in large numbers. Now I'm out of the Bio Drain, as I was using it in 2 drains in a bathroom, and cannot justify buying another gallon, if they will just return again. My next step is an exterminator.

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Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)