Koppert Delta Trap

Koppert Delta Trap

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Product Overview

The Koppert Delta Trap is commonly used inside or outside the greenhouse. It is to be used in combination with PHERODIS pheromone dispensers, which manages moths, butterflies or male alate bugs. To assemble, fold the delta trap into a triangle. In the top of the trap, pass the metal suspension wire through the 2 holes and entwine the 2 ends together. Place a sticky trap on the bottom and face the adhesive surface upwards. Both side of the edges at the base of the triangle should be folded inwards. Install the traps to areas where it can be easily inspected. To avoid interference, assemble them as evenly as possible and make sure to hang each trap approximately 10 centimeter above the crop. 2 to 4 traps are required per hectare for each anticipated type of moths or butterflies. For mealybugs, administer 1 trap per 500 to 1000 square meter. Once purchased, product includes 1 sticky insert and 1 delta trap with suspension hook.

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Features and Specs

Target pests Butterflies, moths and male alate bugs.
For use in Inside or outside the greenhouse.
Application Hang the trap for about 10 cm. above the crop in a location where they can readily be inspected.
Parts Included Sticky insert and delta trap with suspension hook.
Shipping Weight 1.00 lbs
Manufacturer Koppert Biological Systems (Mfg. Number: 8002)


Pheromone trap to be used in combination with PHERODIS pheromone dispensers .

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Storage and handling

  • The cardboard box with delta traps does not require specific storage conditions.


  • Note the trap’s serial number and the pheromone it contains on an outer surface of the triangle.
  • Wash your hands before assembling traps for a different species of butterfly or moth.

There are no reviews for this product yet. Be the first.

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How many Koppert Delta traps come with one order?

The Koppert Delta Trap is sold individually.

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