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Orcon - Organic Control, Inc

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Orcon Beneficial Nematodes (7 million nematodes) (GC-R7M)
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A natural way to control and kill more than 230 underground insects including subterranean termites, white grubs and Japanese beetles.

Orcon Predatory Mites (2000 live adults) (MI-C2000)
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Orcon Predatory Mites (2000 live adults) are adult mites seek out and kill pest mites

Orcon Delphastus Pusillus (25 live adults) (DP-C25)
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Immediately kills whitefly eggs and larvae.

Orcon Fly Parasites (10000 eggs) (FP-C10K)
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A live product that eliminates harmful pest flies that breed on livestock manure, garbage piles and more.

Orcon Control White Fly Encarsia Formosa (1000 eggs) (EF-C1000)
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Kills whiteflies that are found on cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes and poinsettias.

Orcon Cryptolaemus (25 live adults) (CM-C25)
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Controls mealybugs in all seasons.

Orcon Decollate Snails (100 live adults) (DS-C100)
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Attacks and destroys the common brown garden snail and its eggs.

Orcon Control Scale Aphytis Melinus (5000 live adults) (AM-C5000)
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Prevents the destruction of citrus trees from damaging scales.