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Snapshot 2.5 TG - 50 lbs.

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    scary stuff if you have children or animals

    By Bee on 03/22/2012

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    I'm sorry I bought this. I should have returned it. The label says it all. Dangerous to humans. Completely cover yourself...head to toe. Wear a mask/respirator. Don't go in the area for 12 hours. It needs to be rained on...if not you must water it in within three days. I made a mistake and trusted a review on a garden website. I had to call the emergency line because my pets walked through it on accident. I watered it in in the areas the dogs might go...but they are farm dogs and they pulled away from me and ran thru the granular product. I won't buy this again. You can't rely on the rain to dilute it on a timely basis. So using this in an "industrial area" as it suggests to keep down weeds would be dangerous for any living thing if it accidentally wanders into the product. Even the dust is deemed poisonous. Why didn't I return it!

    Expert Response  Expert response:
    This product is not hazardous to humans or pets.  It recommends wearing long sleeve pants and long sleeve shirt, just like any other pest contorl or herbicide you can purchase professionally or over the counter.  It says nothing about wearing a respirator.  This product is only harmful to humans and pets if you ingest it, place it on your skin, or use it in a way that is not on the label. 

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    Kills Monarchs

    By Tutu on 08/30/2020

    The label lists milkweed as one of the (numerous) targeted weeds . This innocuous plant is essential to the reproduction cycle of the beloved monarch butterfly. Don’t believe it when the manufacturer claims this product is not harmful. A world without the monarch butterfly endangers our souls.

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    Snapshot doesn't work on spurge

    By Don on 10/30/2018

    I called DoMyOwn and asked which pre-emergent would prevent spurge. I was told Snapshot would prevent it. I bought it and applied it several times. I think it fed the weed. No prevention of spurge with Snapshot. I will nor buy it again.

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