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DoMyOwn has helped hundreds of thousands of customers solve their pest control problems like pros. Here are just a few of their testimonials...


"I just wanted to let you know how impressed I've been with my experience dealing with Do My Own Pest Control. My product order arrived quicker than I expected, your pricing has been fair and your willingness to meet lower pricing has been unexpected and excellent customer service. Thanks again and I look forward to using you for future product orders."



"The thing that sets this site apart from others is the high level of information made readily available about the products. I have checked the facts and am pleased to report that according to my research, the data is accurate and reliable. It is refreshing! In the retail stores, the insecticide companies take advantage of the lack of knowledge and manipulate the 'less aware' customer into thinking the product will take care of their problem. They are lured by a false sense of relief, when often eggs will hatch and they will find themselves buying the product over and over again. Taking advantage of their customer base is not an honorable way to do business. I tell everyone about DoMyOwnPestControl.com and am happy to do so! Thank you!"



"Very professional follow up by dedicated account representative. Extremely helpful, confident, and polite representative. I feel very comfortable maintaining a long term, long distance relationship with this organization. Much more value oriented than my local pest control product provider. I highly recommend this resource to anyone in the pest control business, especially sole proprietors."

Mt Pleasant South Carolina


"I have been spraying my own home and several relatives for 3 to 4 years using Cyonara 9.7 with excellent results. I am about to try Tempo for the first time to vary the poisons so that insects won't get used to the first poison. I think I have spent under $120 in that 4 years...Huge savings over what a professional would have charged. I just ordered some Taurus SC to combat some termites that my sister is having. Again I spent $100 for the poison, while the professionals wanted $75 just to inspect and give an estimate that would have been between $1500 and $2000. I love this site and will use it for all my pest needs."

Hurricane, UT


"Always reliable advice, service and delivery. Customer assitance is helpful and friendly. Prices are very good compared to the competition and they provide lots of options which is important. They will contiinue to get my business going forward and I have recommended them to friends who are equally satisfied."