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    Might work on "real" Fruit Flys

    By William on 01/28/2015

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    We purchased two of these thinking that the little black flies were Fruit Flies and we were having a mid-winter infestation because of bad habits. We followed instructions which were simple enough but the little rascals ignored the traps. It may be that the pests are not Fruit Flies, maybe all itty bitty flies aren't Fruit Flies after all. At any rate, whatever the critters are, they weren't attraced to the traps.

    Expert Response  Expert response:
    You may have drain flies, which are often confused with fruit flies. You can check your drains by placing an angled glue board with the sticky side down over drains in the area where you are finding the flies. Our Drain Fly Kit contains glue boards, InVade Bio Drain Gel, and On Time Aerosol for complete drain fly monitoring and treatment: This product page also contains an excellent step-by-step video demonstrating how to use the products in the kit.

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