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ACHLA Designs Hammered Copper Bowl is a beautiful hammered birdbath created to provide your birds a place to bathe and play around.
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ACHLA Designs Rail Mount Birdbath Bracket is made from wrought iron with a powder coat finish and gives flexibility to set up your birdbath anywhere.
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ACHLA Designs Scallop Shell Birdbath is a beautiful garden ornament that features a nice little brass bird perched on the edge of a seashell to attract birds and provide them a nice space to bathe.
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ACHLA Designs Hanging Squirrel Deflector (BGD-03) is made of metal with a black powder-coat finish and has a conical form which is designed to give obstruction to squirrels.
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A pineapple bird feeder is a sturdy feeder made from iron with a black powder-coat finish that is both functional and decorative.