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    Best option for durability and ease of maintenance

    By Robert on 02/17/2015

    Verified Purchase

    Purchased for back of house facing into fenced rear yard to replace Lipha Tech Aegis Mouse Bait Stations with Clear Lids as our dogs could easily disturb the smaller stations and potentially access the poison inside. While no enclosure is completely child/pet proof, our ~12 pound dogs would have to really work to move one of these in such a manner as to be able to access the poison. Even though the lid is not clear the increased capacity, ease of access and of block placement on the Anchor versus the much smaller stations they are replacing more than makes up for the convenience of being able to visually check bait levels without having to open up the station. We will be gradually replacing all of the stations around our home with the Anchor Bait Stations as our budget permits.

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    Aegis RP Bait Station

    By Ivy on 02/28/2016

    Purchased for our daughter and she feels this is the best bait station on the market.

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    These are awesome!

    By Kay on 08/17/2017

    I bought four of these to eliminate a serious rodent problem. I live on a 45 acre rural property in East Texas and there is no shortage of rodents here. A pest control company recommended I purchase these bait stations, because they have a concrete base that prevents them from being turned over by rodents or other animals. I have not found many dead mice, but that is probably due to the bait. I think these are the best stations out there. You just need to find the bait flavor the mice prefer. Because of their design and durability, I highly recommend the Aegis RP Anchor Bait Station.

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    Aegis RP Anchor Bait

    By David on 02/08/2019

    Absolutly works. Got Chickens, 5 months later Rats found a new food source. Started bring the chicken feeders in every night removing the food source. Placed stations near rat entrances and placed chicken food in station for a week. Within 2 weeks rats felt comfortable eating the chicken food in the Bait Station. The next week I loaded Station with the Contrac All-Weather Blox Rodenticide bait. 5 days later check the Station and it was empty......they ate it all. Step one works now waiting the see how the poison does. It claims it takes a few days to kill. I know the rats like it. I have a trail camera. Will report back in a few days. BTW the sales person who helped me was very qualified and knowledgeable.

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    I like it

    By Gina on 04/26/2019

    Sturdy, I really like the concrete bottom. this will prevent my dogs from tipping it over and getting poison out. The only reason I did not give it 5 star is the key. I had difficulty opening one of the side on one box. It did not come with instruction. I had to go online to figure out how to open. One of the box's key and bars were so far in and stuck in the little plastic bowl I could not get them out, thankfully there are 2 boxes and the key from one box opened the other. Overall they seem like very good box.

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    Should have been a five star.....

    By Grumpy on 06/14/2019

    Very Pleased with this Bait Station. Ordered two of them and received in great shape... Would have given them a 5 star rating but after the unpacking and checking everything out I noticed two units only came with 1 (one) key. Since I was using these at two different locations it is nearly impossible to use one key at two difference places at once. If you buy more than one you should get as many keys as units you purchase.... Really well made and I like the design.

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