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Marjorie from Jordanville Ny writes

I am looking for a packet bait with out secondary poisioning.

I want to place in crawal spaces, walls etc where I cant get the block. I have cats and dogs, both which chase rodents.


All of the pelleted rodent bait does have a chance of secondary poisoning. Terad3 is known to have a reduced risk of secondary poisoning but it it not available in packets, only loose pellets and bait blox. Contrac Rodent Place Paks would be the next best option. Cats and dogs would just about have to eat their body weight in bait to receive a lethal dose of the bait. Most cats and dogs are well fed and don't actually eat the rodents they catch. Usually they just chew on them a bit and then leave them alone. Usually rodents will only have a small amount of bait in their bodies at a time, not enough to cause any issues with cats or dogs. We would also like you to know that all bait is now labeled to be used in tamper resistant bait stations and is not allowed to be thrown out into places like crawl spaces or attics. This is due to new EPA regulations that were put into effect June of 2011.

Answer last updated on: 02/26/2012

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