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Lori writes

I am looking for something that will kill stink bugs. Will the CB PCO Fogger with Pyrethrin work?


The CB PCO Fogger would not be your best choice for stinkbugs.  CB PCO Fogger is only a contact kill, meaning it will only kill a bug that is out in the open when it is set off.  Stinkbugs are nesting in the wall and the fogger would not make it into the wall where they hide.  You should purchase our Overwintering Kit or the Stink Bug Control Kit which are both specifically for overwintering pests like the stinkbug.  It has products that you place in the wall where they are hiding, and also products that leave a residual to kill the adults that are coming out of the wall into your home.

Answer last updated on: 12/27/2009

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