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Melissa from Marshallville, Ohio writes

I am the only person getting bitten in my house does that mean the bugs aren't everywhere?

When I get bitten I have usually fallen asleep on couch or love seat, should I throw them out? My fiance has not gotten bitten and I don't either while in our bed, should I still treat that area?


The very first thing that we recommend you do is get a positive ID on the insect that is bothering you. Have you seen the insects? If you know for sure you are dealing with bedbugs then you should treat the room that is infested. Be sure to treat the entire room, not just the sofa. The decision to discard the sofa is up to you but we can tell you that they can be hard to treat. You also have the option of encasing the sofa in the FurnitureSafe encasement. Sofa Safe couch encasement is an easy method for preventing bed bugs from infesting your sofa or couch and best of all prevents you from to discard of your furniture.  Not only is it easy to install on your sofa, but it locks existing bed bugs in so they cannot get on your clothes or spread further through your home.

Answer last updated on: 03/11/2012

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