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Kori from Kentucky writes

Am I using Suspend SC correctly for bedbugs?

I ordered Suspend SC a few weeks ago, it has not helped with our bedbugs. The infestation is not tgat bad but we live in an apt and I believe our neighbor has them. Our sons are both allergic to bug bites, what can we do different, or are we doing something wrong?


Suspend SC used to be the go to product for bed bug control. However, there have been signs that some strains of bed begs have become resistant to it since it has been used so much. Still, bed bug control has much better success if you use a variety of products. Our bed bug kits have many products that are considered the top bed bug control products and our kits also come with full instructions. They have a very high success rate with our customers and your best chance of eliminating a bed bug infestation. Also, even using the best products it will take time to eliminate the entire problem at hand. Theres no way of knowing just how many are there and it can take weeks to even a few months to get rid of every last one depending on the level of infestation and how thorough you are being with your weekly retreatments. If your neighbor has them, that should not be affecting your apartment unless they are heavy in the other unit, you have brought something from their unit into yours to allow them to spread, or unless they are doing improper treatments in their unit to cause them to spread. You can go over all the proper steps it takes to effectively eliminate bedbugs by browsing the how to videos and step by step instructins in our guide. Bed Bug Guide

Answer last updated on: 11/08/2015

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