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Steven from Rogers, Arkansas writes

Amount of Bayleton 50 Fungicide WSP for 9 gallon spray tank? Treating bermuda decline.


Bayleton 50 Fungicide WSP would be mixed at the rate of 1-2 oz per 1000 sqft for bermuda decline prevention and 2 oz for curative. For residential lawns you do not exceed 1.5 oz per 1000 sqft.  Apply the specified amount of BAYLETON 50 Turf and Ornamental Fungicide using 2 to 4 gal of spray per 1,000 sq ft for this specific disease.  This product is really more for larger areas that commercial companies would treat multiple lawns a day so it is not easy to break down into smaller amounts with the packets since they are pre-measured.

So to accurately cover 18000 sqft you would need to use at least 36 gallons of water, not 9.  And use 18 oz of product which equals a little over 3 packets at the lower rate.  It might be best to break up the area in sections to apply so that you can use the right amount of water.  Even then you may need to spray with just water to ensure it is sufficient enough.

Answer last updated on: 06/17/2019

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