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    Do your own with Antack

    By Jem on 04/14/2023

    When I first ordered this Antack, I admit I was skeptical. However, after I applied it to seals around my window, in every corner or crack in my kitchen where I noticed ants were coming out, I noticed after three days the ants did not appear anymore. Whenever I saw tiny soldier ants right away, I would grab my Antack and I applied it to the area surrounding their entrance. Until now finally, I see them no more. I highly recommend this Antack Doityourself.

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    After testing at home I am disappointed.

    By Mark on 09/11/2022

    I am a professional - been doing this since 2008. My vendor sent me a bottle as a substitution. Came with some ant trays, with or without the trays the product dries out in 5-7 days and is inert. Antack wont work be used outside with sunlight and weather, It is not very attractive to ants. The ants did pick up some, but the foraging ants frequently drowned. So placement was changed to small dots on a bathroom vanity close to the access hole. I continued for three weeks to feed the ants and still had the same activity as if I just started. It was interesting as a biological control, but there are much better ways of controlling ants. When I do a treatment, I want to treat inside and outside the walls all around the structure. I would recommend Intice, Terro Pro, and Dominant over this product.

    Expert Response  Expert response:
    We apologize you did not achieve the intended results. We would welcome the opportunity to troubleshoot the application to help get you the results you need. Please contact us at your earliest convenience!

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    Did nothing

    By Mary on 08/18/2023

    Put it down still the same amount of ants weeks later

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    By Tim on 03/29/2024

    Stuff works great, one application worked better than I had imagined.

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Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)