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Scott from Haymarket, Va writes

Are there issues with using BORACARE with MOLD-CARE on pressure-treated lumber?

Are there any issues with using BORACARE with MOLD-CARE on the pressure-treated framing of a deck? We have a mystery mold problem on our deck, which sits in full sun and even with repeated cleaning and re-staining with Behr Deck Stain, which supposedly has mold-preventative properties. We are removing all of the deck boards and railings but need to clean and treat the framing before we replace the decking and railing with PVC. I see from other questions that this product is fine for use outdoors and on wood, but I am worried that all of the other chemicals in the pressure treated wood would prevent absorption. If this works, the plan is to clean with Mold Clean, and then treat with BORACARE with MOLD-CARE.


Boracare with Moldcare is not labeled for use on pressure treated wood because it cannot penetrate into the wood. We recommend you contact Nisus, the manufacturer, to see if the product may help in your situation. You can reach Nisus by calling 800-264-0870.

Answer last updated on: 04/21/2013

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