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Kitty from Sacramento, Ca writes

Are your moth strips guaranteed?

I've had a moth problem for a year now. I thought I got rid of them, but the traps keep showing more moths! :( So I was wondering if there was a guarantee on your moth strips?


If you are still seeing moths on the traps, that shows that the traps are working since you are catching them. If you are continually having a moth problem, it is because you have not eliminated the larvae and taken the additonal steps needed to eliminate them. Moth traps normally have a pheromone that attracts the MALE moths only to the traps. This can help break up the reproductive cycle by only attracting the males but it will not trap the females. The larvae of the moths could be left in many different cracks and crevices throughout the home so knowing exactly what type of moth you have helps know where to look for larvae. It can take a long time to eliminate each life cycle that develops if the source of larvae is not found. Everything where you see moths should be thoroughly cleaned out and anything that seems contaminated thrown away promptly. Remove all food from cubbards and pantries and clean out shelves with some type of cleaning chemical. It it wise to spray a residual crack and crevice aerosol like Cy-Kick while your cabinets are empty into the edges where larvae can hide. Once dry, it is completely safe to place all of your food and utensils back in the cabinets. If you are dealing with clothes moths and not some form of pantry moth, you need to wash or dry clean all wool clothing and fabrics they would be attracted to and seal them up tightly. You would then treat dressers and closets in the same fashion as the cabinets and pantries. While we want you to be satisfied with the traps you are using, we do not have a full money back guarantee on the products as we can not insure that every customer will do all the steps required for their situation and use the products accordingly. The traps alone will not solve anyones moth problem and would be just 1 part of an ongoing treatment process. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Answer last updated on: 07/13/2013

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