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Arilon Insecticide - case

Arilon offers high-performance insect control, versatility of application uses and an excellent environmental profile making it the progressive way to control ants, cockroaches and other key nuisance insect pests. Whether insect pest invasions require interior or exterior treatments, residential or commercial usage, or even crack and crevice applications in food handling establishments, Arilon is non-repellent chemistry that offers excellent insect pest control across all of these use patterns.

Formulated as a dry granular concentrate that is easily diluted in water and then applied, this low-odor, non-clogging, non-staining formulation is convenient to store, carry, prepare, use and clean up after. Arilon has been tested and proven effective on many common structural surfaces including concrete, stainless steel, weathered wood, painted surfaces, ceramic tile, brick and vinyl siding.

Each order comes with 1 box of (5 x 0.33 oz. packets).

A case will come with 5 boxes of (5 x 0.33 oz packets) total of 25 packets. 

The active ingredient in Arilon, indoxacarb, converts to its MetaActive form using the insect pest’s own enzymes, effectively differentiating between target insect pests and non-target organisms. This natural process helps Arilon achieve more comprehensive control of pest populations. Arilon is approved for use in and around both household and commercial/industrial locations giving it a broad application space.

Arilon Product Features:

  • Excellent control of a wide variety of nuisance insect species, including some key pests of public health importance
  • Developed and approved for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Proven efficacy on a wide range of common household and commercial surfaces
  • Provides non-repellent residual insect control in exterior environments that compliments quarterly service routes
  • Active ingredient converts to its MetaActive form using the insect's own internal enzymes for targeted pest control
  • Can control target pests in as few as 24 hours — yet allows time for horizontal exchange among non-exposed members of insect pests for more comprehensive control
  • Formulation designed to specifically meet PMP needs — dry concentrate dissolves in water to create a low-odor, non-staining spray formulation
  • Available in premeasured, biodegradable and compostable Terrene packs

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    5 of 5 stars  Arilon great for ants
    By Den in Del Mar, CA on 08/31/2017

    Excellent, insecticide, have a lot of ants inside and outside the house. Sprayed it around the outside of the house, no more ants... Wow The only thing I wish it could kill spiders as well.

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03/16/2017 John from Clearwater, Florida

QDoes the bottle of Arilon Insecticide ( 8.25 oz) come with a measuring device to ensure accuracy?
The packets are way more convenient, but wondered if bought in bulk does the bottle come with a measuring device?


Yes,†Arilon Insecticide†in the 8.25 oz bottle comes with a measuring device.†

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03/23/2017 Linda from Holiday, Florida

QWill Arilon Insecticide kill fleas in and outside the house?


Yes,†Arilon Insecticide can be used indoors and outdoor for flea control.†

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05/27/2017 Joseph from Oceanside, Ny

Q Do I have to spray Arilon Insecticide directly to the ants or will they be affected if they walk over the treated area?
What is the recommended number of treatments per year for household use and is this product water proof?


Arilon Insecticide will kill ants that are not sprayed directly as they can transfer the product to the colony area also. You can dilute 1-2 packs per gallon of water. The product should be applied every 7 days for heavy infestations and should be applied on a day when you are not expecting any rainfall within 24 hrs.

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04/13/2017 Sue from Dallas, Tx

QWhat can I use to get rid of ants in a retaining wall?
s I have a retaining wall in my backyard that there seems to be a ton of some type of ants all in the bricks.


We would recommend using Arilon Insecticide around the wall. This is a non-repellent product that is great for ants as well as other insects. You will use one packet per gallon of water. The residual is 30 days outdoors. You can also use Maxforce Complete in the soil around this wall as well. This product contains a unique formula with a mixture of proteins, simple sugars, fats and complex carbohydrates in a food-based granular structure that is irresistible to insects. The great combo of food-based ingredients accommodates the changing food preferences of ant colonies and other insects, delivering superior bait acceptance and control throughout the year. These can be reapplied monthly or as needed.

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12/01/2017 Ts from Il

QCan Arilon be used in a fogger?


Arilon Insecticide†cannot be used in any type of fogger.

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05/23/2017 Vince from Lahaina, Hi

QHow do you apply the Arilon Insecticide?


Arilon Insecticide comes in either one pack of (5) or a 8.25 oz bottle. If you are using the packets, you will use 1-2 packs in a gallon of water. If you are using the bottle, you will measure out 0.33-0.66 oz of product per gallon of water. This can be applied indoors and outdoors around the perimeter of your home. This will last for 30 days outdoors and 90 days indoors.

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10/28/2017 Park from Nj

QCan I use Arilon Insecticide for German Cockroaches and Fruit Flies?
I've heard Arilon is good for ant. But is Arilon as good for German Cockroaches and Fruit Flies as Ant?


Yes, you can use Arilon Insecticide for cockroaches and fruit flies! You can think of Arilon like a sprayable bait, which means it gets transferred between social insects like ants and roaches.†We do recommend using other products in conjunction with Arilon for active infestations of roaches and fruit flies. This would include a roach bait gel and Insect Growth Regulator for roaches, and traps and sanitation for fruit flies. Please take a few moment to review our Pest Treatment Guides for these pests which include videos, tips, and product recommendations:

Roach Treatment Guide

Fruit Fly Treatment Guide

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10/28/2017 Park from Nj

QCan Arilon Insecticide be mixed with a foaming agent?


Yes, per the label Arilon Insecticide can be used with a foaming agent to treat cavities, holes and voids where insects are present.†

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07/28/2017 Zf from Orange County, Ca

QAre there restrictions on using Arilon in drains with an IGR to manage small flies?


Arilon Insecticide should only be used in floor drains that are connected directly to a sewer, such as in a restaurant.†

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09/11/2017 Amanda from Madeline, Ca

QHow long does Arilon Insecticide last after it is applied indoors?
My office was sprayed 2 months ago and the company that sprayed said it only lasts 10 days inside, but everything that I have read said that it lasts 90 days indoors and 30 days outdoors, and things are still dropping dead at the site that has been treated.


Arilon Insecticide will last 30-60 days indoors.†

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06/02/2017 Teresa

QWhat's the best way to get rid of ants in ant hills in my backyard? We have dogs.
We have dogs so I imagine it would be best to use something besides the ant baits I purchased here (sweet and protein). Is there a spray I can use on the ant hills? Something the ants would take back to their nest? Thank you!


There is one non-repellent product that you could use on trails and mounds outdoors called Arilon Insecticide. This is essentially a sprayable bait that can be used a perimeter treatment around the house and on individual mounds. If you have Fire Ants, then we would recommend using a faster kill product such as Bifen IT or Temprid SC to drench existing mounds. You can view tips about to perform this treatment in our Fire Ant Treatment Guide. The products are all pet safe once dry.

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12/12/2017 Joseph

QThe Arilon Insecticide label states that it is not for broad spray. Does that mean I cannot use this product as a baseboard spray?


Arilon is labeled for use as a crack and crevice spray indoors.† This means that it cannot be broadcast over large areas such as carpeting and must be confined to crack and crevice areas such as baseboards and around window and door frames.†

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11/06/2017 Jason from Fort Smith

QCan Arilon be sprayed over the top of other insecticides?
For example, if I sprayed a pyrethroid 2 weeks prior. I basically want to know if a residual from another insecticide will affect this product?


We do not recommend applying†Arilon Insecticide†to areas where you have recently applied a residual pyrethroid product. Check the product label for your insecticide to confirm. Most will last for four weeks outdoors and 90 days to interior crevices.

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