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    Death to day flower

    By David on 11/27/2020

    I live in South Florida. The pretty little day flowers were taking over. I couldn’t get rid of them. Two weeks after trying avenue south, the day flower’s days are coming to an end. This stuff seems to work well. Very pleased.

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    Need help with dove weed

    By Lawrence on 09/25/2020

    I had a hugh arttack of doveweed this summer and tried a lot of products. This product did a good job but I must have made a mistake when I was spraying it down. 75% of the dove weed is gone, yet some of it was not even phased. I thought I sprayed it all but maybe I missed some of it, or it could be I was not shaking it enough while spraying. Instructions said keep it strong by shaking it during the spraying to keep the product well blended. I have one more week and I can give it another treatment. I know it is late in the season but maybe the extra treatment will keep from coming back next summer. If I had treated this earlier during the summer it would have allowed the grass to grow back into the now bare spots. Oh well that's what the preemergence is for , RIGHT? I used 3.5oz to my two gallon sprayer. This was just right, but remember not to over spray the area you treating( one sweep across) or it will discolor the bermuda some.

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    Do not buy for controlling Chamber Bitter

    By Brad on 09/21/2021

    Verified Purchase

    I bought this product towards the end of last growing season to in order to be prepared for the annual onslaught of Chamber Bitter in our area. Pre-emergent alone is not enough to control this weed. In early June I noticed the chamber bitter seedlings beginning to appear along the edges on the side walk. I mixed the solution per instructions and sprayed. The grass yellowed and was stunned for several weeks, meanwhile the chamber bitter flourished. I intentionally tested an area that is landscaped with no grass and chamber bitter popping out (less than one inch). I saturated the plant to ensure root absorption, within two weeks the plant was 3 inches tall with a slightly browned / deformed top. Do not buy, total waste of money.

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    The good and bad

    By Jason on 05/11/2023

    Verified Purchase

    Works well - however as a post emergent it WILL KILL / DAMAGE St Augustine grass over 85 degrees. So when isnt the temperature in SE FL during April + NOT over 85 degrees?

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